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What’s your dream Star Wars sport?


Han and Chewie repair the Falcon, again

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EA usually are now not any longer essentially the most basic firm with the keys to Star Wars. Ubisoft are engaged on an begin-world Star Wars sport, and now we uncover obtained some solutions about what we would possibly per chance perhaps be pleased from that. But what else would you be pleased to scrutinize achieved with the licence now that it be free of EA’s uncover? 

Have to there be more video games be pleased Republic Commando? A sport about your well-liked secondary persona? More of the irregular shit? Or will uncover to they gorgeous plan Knight of the Extinct Republic 3 already?

What’s your dream Star Wars sport?

Listed below are our solutions, plus about a from our dialogue board.

Dave James: I would possibly per chance perhaps moreover treasure to scrutinize one thing place some distance into the long trudge from the latest Star Wars mythos, one thing that lets in the writers and the game to be free of the constraints of the movie trilogies. And I wish to be an alien. I am ill of Star Wars video games always having some bland white boi as essentially the most simple protagonist when there are a wealth of alternative sentient beings populating the galaxy.

I nonetheless want the Power to play a chunk in it, and I would possibly per chance perhaps moreover be eager to take the roam of a Power-shapely formative years gorgeous discovering some latent powers and having to come to a name what to plan with them without being forced down a particular route on account of the sage. Carry out you lunge down the warrior monk route, begging to be apprenticed to a pair goodie-twelve-sneakers (aliens, gaze), plan you lunge elephantine-on Sith and ogle out some dark grasp, or plan you lunge rogue and take a uncover a study to ogle a steadiness at some stage in the Power, within your self? 

And I desire a spaceship. Sooner or later.

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Andy Kelly: Red Listless Redemption, however on Tatooine. A blaster moderately than a six-shooter; a speeder moderately than a horse; spaceports moderately than cities. Mediate that episode of The Mandalorian the keep Timothy Olyphant plays the sheriff of a tiny barren space town. I wanna float between settlements, salvage into adventures, meet shady characters in cantinas, and on the entire be a dwelling cowboy. A straightforward man making his plot during the galaxy. 

The Mandalorian already established that a Star Wars Western both works and kicks ass, so I would possibly per chance perhaps moreover treasure to scrutinize that translated into an begin world sport with a identical prance and vibe to Red Listless. A Star Wars sport place on one planet, the keep you play as someone who has no desire to head away it. Although Tatooine is arguably overused as a surroundings, it be nonetheless considered one of my well-liked fictional places, and I would possibly per chance perhaps moreover treasure to scrutinize it from the level of view of someone who’s now not a Jedi or on a quest to determine the universe.

A podracer, seen here, podracing

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Graeme Meredith: I notion the myth of Star Wars Squadrons became once gorgeous pathetic, however I be pleased jumping on-line and “taking pictures the shit” with a chum whereas we salvage many cases destroyed by some distance succesful gamers. So, if Motive desired to plan the real same sport again, however with podracing, I would possibly per chance perhaps moreover be gorgeous stoked. Memoir apart, being ready to take a seat down in the cockpit of a customised pod, with these engine sound results blasting away, taking part in your entire thing in VR… yeah, I would possibly per chance perhaps moreover plan a responsible pleasure of that earlier than that it is possible you’ll tell “now this is (a superficial however in every other case very swish simulation of) podracing”.

An image from the canceled Star Wars 1313

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Robin Valentine: It’s obtained to be bounty looking, actual? An begin world place on a grimy Outer Rim planet rife with crime and corruption and crawling with colourful targets for you to salvage your hands on and uncover the exercise of an arsenal of stress-free items and weapons. I would possibly per chance perhaps moreover treasure if it became once surely begin and systems-pushed, perhaps even with procedurally-generated targets—section Hitman, section Deus Ex, section Shadow of Mordor—despite the indisputable reality that I mediate gorgeous a stable however slick circulation-adventure would possibly per chance perhaps moreover very successfully be the more realistic hope. Jedis and spaceship battles are all successfully and right, however we all know essentially the most actual is came at some stage in in the shadowy corners of the Star Wars universe. 

Filthy rich Stanton: Mediate Robin’s nailed it, I would possibly per chance perhaps moreover be pleased to salvage your hands on various galactic miscreants and in some plot Jedi/Sith in a co-op bounty looking crew. Train it any time you be pleased however gorgeous uncover the player in the center of the right vs sinful stuff and completely amoral, chasing down and capturing/killing whoever and whatever anyone will pay for. I want it to be about making money amidst a loopy dwelling warfare, blasting bounties, and the exercise of hundreds frigid items I haven’t viewed earlier than. What I plan now not want is but every other sport about what Darth Vader or whoever did in a previously unexplored month in the canon.

The Emperor commands you build the largest Death Star in mobile game Tiny Death Star

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Christopher Livingston: Loss of life Star simulator. I wish to plan and manage a Loss of life Star. Manage the finances, study tech (be pleased, how does the Loss of life Star even fly around and stuff?), rent contractors, overwork stormtroopers, power-strangle unproductive officers, threaten planets for resources, torture rebels in keeping cells, defend against X-Flit assaults (and perhaps a plan a camouflage over the employ port?), and endure visits from the Emperor. That it is possible you’ll moreover originate with a small bitty Loss of life Star that’s most attention-grabbing the size of Epcot Center and can most attention-grabbing blow up tiny neighborhoods, and add on layers except it be famous bigger and can assassinate planets.

James Davenport: SCS Application’s Jawa Sandcrawler Simulator. Factor in: Roaming Tatooine in that honking thing, deciding on up droids and breaking them down (functional or now not), flipping the ingredients to nomads to stock up on colossal-ass hair eggs to uncover up your Jawas fed. Orange yolk everywhere the cloaks and the goddamn ground—the smell in that thing would plan Vader puke his guts out. Dream sport!

An X-Wing flies through a Death Star trench

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Morgan Park: Three words: Loss of life Star Shipbreaker. I wish to methodically crop up the total scrapped metal and electronics from the different Loss of life Stars, gorgeous be pleased I’ve already achieved for hours in Hardspace: Shipbreaker. It’s miles a dream job, surely. Per chance I would possibly per chance perhaps moreover secure Darth Vader’s lightsaber among the wreckage to breeze up the reducing process? Oh, and that it is possible you’ll moreover ship out droids to keep piles of scrap routinely or extract an explosive reactor from a stable distance! I wish to end talking about this or I will salvage obsessed. 

Kaliyo Djannis, one of the Imperial Agent's companions in The Old Republic MMO

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Jody Macgregor: Take the Imperial Agent storyline from The Extinct Republic. Strip out all of that MMO cruft. Establish it actual into a stealth sport with multiple strategies for drawing reach each and each stage. Let me play an immersive sim about being a stare for the Empire who would possibly per chance perhaps moreover very successfully be a double agent, or a triple agent, or so messed-up by brainwashing I plan now not even know who I am surely working for.

From our dialogue board

drunkpunk: Star Wars Galaxies with a in model UI and encourage an eye on plan, pre-CU however with JTL. They gorgeous famous nailed now not most attention-grabbing essentially the most basic star wars sport and world, however also essentially the most basic MMO mechanics I had ever skilled. The focal level on everything else that made the SW universe huge that weren’t jedi became once amazing, the freedom to combine ‘n match professions added a ton of flexibility, and stuff be pleased player constructed and pushed cities became once sooner than its time. They also didn’t count on every iconic star wars persona that it is possible you’ll moreover uncover got viewed in the motion footage to keep their ride. To uncover every other Star Wars ride be pleased this is my dream.

One other one would possibly per chance perhaps be revisiting the Jedi Knight/Academy video games. They had most attention-grabbing gameplay that I again uncover in mind sooner than its time. No decrease than, no studio has perceived to reach it with the same form of gameplay. As an alternative we salvage slow stuff be pleased Fallen Say (which wasn’t ‘even a star wars sport before everything) or Power Unleashed, which gorgeous pales in contrast in regards to gameplay.

Or even a actual successor to X-Flit vs TIE Fighter would possibly per chance perhaps be huge. Squadrons gorgeous is now not it.

LucasArts had such amazing success with Star Wars video games, and I mediate it became once because they centered so famous on providing huge gameplay, now not gorgeous cinematic nostalgia trips.

Star Wars: Rebellion

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Zloth: Star Wars: Insurrection 2 (gaze the first entry on the irregular list). Passable lunge ahead and plan it turn based fully mostly this time moderately than time-cramped turns. For fight, gaze whenever you occur to can plan one thing be pleased Battlestar Galactica Impasse’s dwelling fight system. If that can not be achieved, plan it Homeworld model.

badman: A actual successor for X-Flit Alliance. Yeah, we obtained Squadrons, on the opposite hand it be now not surely be pleased the venerable X-Flit and Tie-Fighter video games. I suggest: a spacecombatgame with a spot battlefield in a SP campaign???

A fresh Jedi Knight sport would possibly per chance perhaps be huge. Lightsaber fight became once amazing in Jedi Academy, however what we surely desire is largely the most attention-grabbing levels from the old Jedi video games: Gloomy Forces 1/2 and Jedi Outcast. These were essentially the most basic of essentially the most basic. I nonetheless haven’t came at some stage in the entire secrets in these video games, let alone explored every creep. Masterfully put collectively.


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Pifanjr: I’d surely be pleased to play a Star Wars sport that’s be pleased Mass Carry out…

I will uncover to surely salvage around taking part in KotOR a whereas.

Greyfoxcal: Something be pleased a in model KotoR (by no reach performed it, however I have confidence it be right) + the fight from Fallen account for would possibly per chance perhaps be huge.

Passable gimme a ship to potter about in!

Also, let me whisk around the ship whereas it be sharp, ala Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter

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