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We will never overlook Hitman 2’s most legendary weapon: the homing briefcase

Presumably we need a museum of a snigger videogame bugs. The components patches are delivered robotically on the moment, I fear we will lose busted game builds except builders are fastidious about conserving them. Purchase, as an instance, the homing briefcase from Hitman 2, which appeared in November of 2018. What a tragedy it can perchance perchance presumably be to lose a yarn take care of that!

Fortunately, after fixing this divulge worm, developer IO Interactive later preserved it as an unlockable merchandise. Despite the title all individuals gave it—the “homing briefcase”—the core enlighten wasn’t the homing ability of the briefcase, precisely. Thrown objects in Hitman 2 at all times hit their targets, and that became as soon as intended. It became as soon as the briefcase’s unhurried airspeed that allowed it to run round corners, take care of in the gif above, which became as soon as posted to Reddit by shopper venomousbeetle.

After fixing the error, IO Interactive recreated the worm in 2019 with the unlockable MKII model briefcase. Or no longer it is no longer as amusing ought to you know the plot in which the briefcase is going to behave, nonetheless I’m contented that the next generation will peaceful be capable to peep them drift take care of, properly, nothing truly flies take care of that. Extraordinarily slack curve balls?

[Hitman 2] Homing Briefcase from r/GamePhysics

Above is one other correct clip of the briefcase worm as it first appeared. (I grunt that the subreddit it became as soon as posted in, r/GamePhysics, is something of a worm museum, though it contains video evidence of bugs and no longer the code itself.)

The video beneath comes from 2019, after the MKII briefcase model became as soon as added, and solutions the inquire, ‘What occurs if the target is on a jet ski?’

In the cover, Andy cherished Hitman 3, which releases right this moment on the Fable Games Store, though sadly he did no longer sage any atypical briefcase behavior. Such silly pause-over-pause spinning could perchance presumably also fail to ever naturally reoccur in videogames—RIP to a yarn, if that’s the case.

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