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Viking crafting game Valheim lands in early get entry to in February

A viking character with their back turned stands in front of a partially-constructed wooden lodge. Outside are piles of logs and a workbench.

Oh sure, there’s one other early get entry to crafting survival game on the horizon but hello, this one has vikings. In this Rust ’em up called Valheim you’ll be carving out a home for yourself in a “procedurally-generated purgatory” elephantine of supernatural baddies impressed by norse story. Iron Gate’s multiplayer viking romp is storming into early get entry to early next month on February 2nd.

“Besieged by creatures of chaos and extinct enemies of the gods, you are basically the most modern custodian of the primordial purgatory, tasked with slaying Odin’s extinct competitors and bringing advise to Valheim,” squawk the creators. Earlier than you wander stomping spherical attacking and dethroning gods even supposing, I believe—as evidenced by the shot up high—that you’ll start your hurry with cutting down bushes. Certain ample, recount a tiny toddle cutting in Valheim’s new trailer below. Observe out even supposing, it appears to be like love falling bushes can unquestionably abolish you.

Whenever you’ve crafted some gear and presumably a longboat or two, Valheim will ship you off to fight such beasties as hordes of skeletons, tree monsters, and enormous, inferior deer. You received’t wish to head it on my own, both. With mates by your aspect, you may per chance furthermore work on constructing a settlement of mead halls, farms, and ships. Valheim will allow you to host a multiplayer session or, in the event you’ve got the skills, budge up your possess server for chronic viking purgatory.

Iron Gate squawk that they’re looking out forward to Valheim to be in early get entry to for a minimal of a year. All over that time they’ll be adding further objects to craft, new enemies and bosses, new biomes, and more.

You may per chance presumably come by Valheim over on Steam the save this can land in early get entry to on February 2nd.