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Video: We’ve Ranked All 55 Kongs From Donkey Kong, For Science

Wait, how many?

Donkey Kong is a franchise that has been passed spherical a massive replacement of builders over the years, ensuing in array of varied genres and interpretations of the sequence. It additionally had a TV affirm made about it, which is one thing that some of us would doubtlessly resolve to neglect.

After being banded spherical for 30 years as of 2021 it’s unsurprising that a replacement of characters were launched via a mixture of necessity and ingenious license, most productive never to be seen yet again. It could perchance be a truly vital to us to manufacture obvious all americans knows where these varied individuals of the extended Kong family drop through arbitrary ranking, so after huge digging we accumulated a entire of 55 individuals of the Kong family – on the opposite hand imprecise – and placed them in some unspecified time in the future of seven tiers.

Be sure you check up on the video to envision where we placed such classic examples as Chained Kong and Fedora Kong, and drop us a recount under if we relish made the terrifying error of underrating Cranky Kong’s Gargantuan Grandfather.