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Tick Martians Off The 2021 Bingo Card, Switch Is Getting A ‘Battle Of The Worlds’ Video Sport


H.G. Wells’ fundamental anecdote returns once more, nonetheless no longer as you undergo in thoughts it

H.G. Wells’ Battle of the Worlds has been a seminal affect on the sci-fi trend, one we have viewed countless adaptations of across film and television, nonetheless as an indie game, Grey Skies: A Battle of the Worlds Epic could well maybe have flown past you. Revealed good year, it be now confirmed for Switch liberate on February 4th by job of an eShop itemizing.

Developed by Steel Arts Software program, Grey Skies is most bright described as a stealth-based mostly mostly single-player adventure with technique formula. It first launched good November for PS4, Xbox One and PC and, as we’ve attain to depend upon, the Switch model is most bright good arriving now, a whole lot of months later.

Taking us to the English countryside, Grey Skies is a loose adaptation of the long-lasting original, incorporating varied formula from Battle of the Worlds and placing them into an long-established anecdote. Throwing you straight away into the Martian Invasion, you’ll want to well play as Harper, a airplane break survivor that wakes up submit-invasion, in the starting keep unaware of what came about in a means paying homage to the terror flick 28 Days Later.

Even as it wasn’t broadly reviewed earlier than, it holds mixed critiques on Steam, with many commentators taking aim at its controls and overall polish. How smartly it’ll form up on Switch stays to be viewed, nonetheless it be on hand to pre-uncover now for £13.49/$14.99.

Are you a Battle of the Worlds fan? Will you be selecting up this recent adaptation or giving it a hotfoot over? Suppose us in the feedback below.

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