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Thrustmaster Eswap Knowledgeable Controller overview

Our Verdict

It coulda been a contender, however the Eswap Knowledgeable needs these next-gen sticks to indubitably stand of project. In a roundabout arrangement, it’s marvelous too costly and has too many varied flaws.


  • Feels shiny within the hand
  • Stunning next-gen sticks
  • Cramped screwdriver within the package

In opposition to

  • Far too costly
  • Sad in vogue D-pad
  • Utility complications

The Thrustmaster Eswap Knowledgeable with its next-period sticks attach apart in is perchance one of many nicest controllers I’ve ever held, nearly value allowing for for our top possible PC controller manual, and I’ve been gaming for the reason that ‘80s. That talked about, the steps you are going to want to remove and the value you are going to want to pay to get to this narrate of doable nirvana—$180 for the atrocious controller, $40 for the further module pack—put it top possible for the loopy or the rich. Or both.

Thrustmaster Eswap Knowledgeable Controller Specs

Compatibility: Windows 10, PlayStation 4

Interface: USB 2.0

Cables: 2m micro USB

Accessories: Screwdriver, soft earn

Dimensions: 228 x 76 x 194 mm

Weight: 385 g

MSRP: $180

Let’s begin with the basics. The Eswap Knowledgeable is a controller whose parts (rather than the face buttons and bumpers) nestle in sockets, to allow them to also be swapped out. Hence the title. On the bottom of every socket is a magnet that holds the module in space, they customarily’ll also be sizzling-swapped whereas the controller is linked and active. That magnet makes for to take into accounta good swapping expertise, as it snaps the brand new module into space with a particular snap that leaves you in absolute self belief that it’s linked. 

The thumbsticks can even be pulled out with your fingers, however the D-pad requires the providers and products of the dinky double-ended screwdriver that comes packed in with the controller. The two slight screws—so slight, indubitably, that I was taken aback no longer to search out replacements within the box—withhold the triggers in space are the target for the Phillips pause.

The unit we bought for overview came with a pack of extra modules in a brazen orange coloration, the D-pad and triggers nothing but beauty replacements, however the analogue sticks are the following-gen variants. And by next-gen, they indubitably point out it. The Eswap Knowledgeable is a licensed PlayStation controller, so the face buttons beget the in vogue shape symbols on them moderately than Xbox’s ABXY. The sticks, by default in a side-by-side configuration, can even be swapped to a more Xbox-admire space if that’s what you admire. 

The strange stick is stubby, with a concave textured top and a tight amount of resistance. The subsequent-gen stick is taller, a dinky bit simpler to push but moreover more wanting to strategy again to its central space. You get a alternative of concave or convex tops, but having the skill to roll your thumb all around the rim of a convex tip, edging it gently away from upright, is certainly the top possible methodology to utilize a thumbstick. The subsequent-gen tops are moreover a dinky bit higher than the in vogue objects, and this, combined with the further shaft size, put for a indubitably top price expertise.

Thrustmaster Eswap Pro Controller

(Characterize credit: Future)

In other locations, nonetheless, things aren’t as promising. Take the D-pad. No, please, remove it away. Each the in vogue model and the one within the add-on pack are unfastened, flimsy-feeling, and too skinny to get a tight thumb-roll on when going for a fireball. Your thumb makes too grand contact with the plastic of the controller body to get a indubitably fluid motion. 

Contrast with the Xbox Elite pad, the build the atrocious has evolved steady into a circle, and things are night and day. The DualSense, a ideal pad in its maintain marvelous, and the Xbox One pad both beget thicker buttons right here, and are better for particular games this skill that. A spherical D-pad is equipped within the Combating Pack of add-ons, but that’s marvelous more expense on top of an already costly controller.

The face buttons—these that you just would possibly’t switch—endure a equal destiny. They’re clicky adequate and don’t remove grand strain to bottom out, but that you just would possibly hear the spring beneath them, they customarily pass a dinky bit inside their sockets. They really feel pretty low-impress, customarily, which isn’t any longer what you desire on a pad that charges twice as grand as the in vogue Xbox One model.

Thrustmaster Eswap Pro Controller Crystal Pack

(Characterize credit: Future)

Those slight screws, as soon as eradicated, enable the triggers to be popped off, and a few packs of add-ons encompass extended triggers. Otherwise, these within the orange pack I was offered develop nothing but switch the coloration. That coloration, by the methodology, fades significantly as soon as it’s utilized to the dim controller. Taken out of the pack it indubitably dazzles, but as soon as socketed appears to be like boring. A fault of being a dinky bit translucent. You’ll want to maybe well perchance stir your headset into the controller, and being a PlayStation model there’s the dinky touchpad at the pause too.

Under, there are four extra buttons that can even be for my allotment assigned to commands the use of the Thrustmapper software. Or at the least that’s the opinion. First, it triggered an alert in my browser that it couldn’t be downloaded securely, then when downloaded and repair apart in, it didn’t work, throwing errors over both the names of most modern profiles and the configuration of the controller, even supposing it had been attach apart again into its default narrate. 

The top possible configuration of this controller could maybe well be for the software to work flawlessly and with both thumbsticks changed with the following-gen ones. This would possibly perchance push the value up rather more, and for a pad that’s no longer even wireless, that’s a impress I suspect most folk are no longer going to beget to pay. Now not when there are so grand of perfectly marvelous controllers available for significantly much less. Our approved pad, the Xbox Elite Series 2, is the identical impress as the atrocious model of the Eswap and is merely so grand better. Sadly, one thing that comes so shut to glory, has as any other been betrayed by its maintain parts. 

Thrustmaster Eswap Knowledgeable Controller

It coulda been a contender, however the Eswap Knowledgeable needs these next-gen sticks to indubitably stand of project. In a roundabout arrangement, it’s marvelous too costly and has too many varied flaws.