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This Top price D&D Establish Might perchance well Consist of the Largest Struggle Plan Ever


Beadle & Grimm’s Curse of Strahd: Legendary Version

The Legendary Version of Curse of Strahd is Beadle & Grimm’s seventh D&D boxed role, brinigng the top price B&G medication to 1 of 5th Version’s most inviting adventures.The role incorporates…

Plan of Barovia by artist Deven Rue

3 Barovian Coins

Ravenloft coin purse

Ravenloft Stationary & Wax Seals

Curse of Strahd DM Camouflage

Curse of Strahd trip, divided into straightforward-poke booklets

20 Reference Maps

4 Bonus Encounters

9 In-world documents for participant handouts

Holy Symbol of Ravenkind talisman

3 In-fiction wine labels (to be added to a bottle of your picking)

5 pregenerated characters

22 25mm-scale fight maps (includin the entirety of Fort Ravenloft

61 Come upon Playing cards

Curse of Strahd idea art

5 “Blinksy’s Toys” finger puppets

Gaze the Curse of Strahd: Legendary Version at the Beadle & Grimm Pandemonium Warehouse