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This Skyrim mod turns Solitude into a kaleidoscopic acid time out because why now not

Pastel Solitude Skyrim

(Image credit: Bethesda/lucypurrrr)

As if it hasn’t been talked about ample, I’ll state it again—2020 sucked. It used to be bleak, depressing, general splendid a minute crap and oh yeah, pandemic. I believe that’s why I have been leaving the darkish broody video games at the help of in pursuit of more brilliant, wholesome experiences treasure Calico. However now there is a Skyrim mod that helps you to expertise the ideal of both worlds.

The Pastel Fettuccine retexture mod transforms Solitude, one in all the ideal cities within the game, into an fully bonkers pastel paradise. Completely the whole lot is pastel—the bricks, the foliage, the residence windows, the store signs—the whole lot. Even gold money assemble the uwu treatment, being inscribed with ‘stumble on me senpai.’

Pastel Fettuccine Skyrim Mod

(Image credit: Bethesda/lucypurrrr)

The mod comes from ‘myself and my worst enemy, who is with ease furthermore myself’—or lucypurrrr, for short. However why is it called Pastel Fettuccine, it’s possible you’ll presumably perhaps presumably seek records from? Lucypurrrr qualified explains that the identify is an acronym, which stands for Barely Bad Silly Textures Eagerly Left For Every person That Thinks Unbearable Cuteness Can now not Interrupt Traditional Enjoyment.

From the mod page: “Pastel Fettuccine is a retexture mod that aims to comprise the enviornment of Skyrim dazzling and brilliant, trigger dazzling n brilliant things are immense and comprise me chuffed so presumably they’ll comprise you utter material too and we distinct need some happiness on this planet lawful now.”

Shop skins in the Skyrim Fettuccine mod.

(Image credit: Skyrim Fettuccine mod)

However is it lore-capable? “Qualified factor in or now not it’s paint or the byproduct of a spell long gone shocking. Or it will probably presumably perhaps even be as a result of a dragon fracture!” 

The cuteness overload would possibly presumably perhaps presumably now not be to every person’s style, nonetheless or now not it’s far a minute of straightforward pleasure in dreary cases. Even the mod page feels all warmth and fuzzy, plucky to head there with its massive red droll sans font. In the occasion you desire a minute of color for your existence, download it from Nexus Mods.