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This Skyrim mod turns NPCs into adoring followers of the Dragonborn’s abs

The blessed warrior who slew Alduin and introduced an cease to Skyrim‘s civil battle would no longer must concern about their physique picture. No longer no longer up to, that is the reckoning of modder Everglaid’s Clear Undressed Reactions mod, which turns the electorate of Tamriel into adoring followers of your rippling pecs.

As observed by PCGamesN, the reactions mod makes utilize of spliced-collectively insist traces to imbue Skyrim’s guards, merchants and villagers with a deep sense of admiration for the Dovahkiin’s physique, ought to they strut into metropolis carrying naught nevertheless their undies. Whereas that’s a recipe that also can without trouble come across as a puny creepy, the modder has saved responses as light-hearted as conceivable—with traces written to be a wonderful deal surprised, embarrassed, and impressed, with zero “coarse and degrading” comments.

“I tried to sustain far from anything that also can come off as an undesirable come,” Everglaid writes on the mod’s Nexus page. “Even vanilla has worse stuff!”

As a replace, NPCs will bathe you with fawning traces praising the gods to your figure, a flustered carrier provider expressing that they’d no longer possess the strength to gaze away. One particularly eloquent stranger can also declare about how “the gods took their candy time with that one.” To keep you the embarrassment, the mod furthermore will get rid of any insist traces from the wicked game that imply the character is unattractive. Who needs that adversarial energy, anyway?

Clear Undressed Reactions is for the time being only accessible for Skyrim Special Model, though Everglaid is porting it again into the 2011 authorized. Paired with a mod that enables you to hug it out with the sport’s gruff northerners, and your Dovahkiin want never feel unhappy or lonely but again.