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This free puzzler is a suave twist on the Minesweeper system

A estimable little puzzle game known as Hexceed launched last week to little fanfare, and or not it is reasonably lawful. It be a Minesweeper-esque game designed to flex your valuable thinking, good judgment, and spatial reasoning abilities. It be additionally fully free for the most necessary five worlds—that is 472 ranges by my rely. There is an optional take hang of-in that adds a bonus thousand ranges to obvious. Between all that and the relaxed soundtrack of kick back beats, Hexceed is a huge entry in the genre of relaxing puzzle video games.

What before all the pieces begins as a mundane, hexagonal good judgment puzzle about not clicking mines like a flash turns into more complex. because the sport introduces boundaries that block connection between tiles and sweeping, massive hex grids of isolated islands and expansive sweeps of originate terrain. It gets complex:

An image of numbers inside hexagons from puzzle game Hexceed.

(Exclaim credit ranking: ToastieLabs)

When you happen to are aware of good judgment puzzles, Hexceed is a huge design to prepare the spatial reasoning and spatial good judgment bits of mind to focal point on this scheme. I could perchance presumably indicate it if you’re novel to the genre. You’ll be ready to win Hexceed on Steam, without cost, and procure the tubby model for $9, or 20% off till January 22nd. You’ll be ready to additionally are attempting the sport on ToastieLabs’ fantastic online web page.

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