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This $1000 Elder Scrolls wedding ring will guarantee a ‘no’

Ring of mara

(Image credit score: Bethesda)

Taking a peek to imply to your principal varied? Carry out they adore games and wildly costly, tacky jewellery? Effectively you are in luck, as a consequence of now that you simply would be in a position to put a question to your partner to marry you popular with a $1,000 ring from The Elder Scrolls On-line.

The Ritual of Mara ring quietly seemed on Bethesda’s store about a days ago and is by far basically the costliest bit of merch on offer. The ring is 10Ok yellow gold and, basically based completely on the product description, ‘polished to a deem shine.’ There could be also an engraving on the interior of the band that reads ‘With this ring and Mara’s blessing.’ Mara is one among the 9 divines in Elder Scrolls lore, and the goddess of adore, marriage, and compassion. 

I do know that you simply have to be chomping on the bit to bag your fingers on this ideal part, and the ring is supplied for pre-expose till the 14th February, after which Bethesda said it’ll by no blueprint return.

The Nordic style is no longer basically unpleasant per se, nonetheless the aged-long-established yellow gold and gaudy engraving is undoubtedly an got taste (or as Bethesda puts it, the ring “carries a warm and soft yellow tone customarily aged in historical aged-world jewellery”).

Whereas you, alternatively, treasure the ring, then I apologise and map a peace providing. For these that desire one nonetheless fabricate no longer adore bankrupting themselves, Bethesda affords a extra reasonably priced $85 salubrious silver version. Or, y’know, accurate fabricate no longer bag married: it be much less costly.