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These wi-fi earbuds point out you can additionally sport all thru PC, computer, or Nintendo Switch

EPOS GTW 270 headphones

(Image credit: EPOS)

EPOS has struck out by myself with its first obtain-stamp gaming headphones, the GTW 270 Hybrid wi-fi earbuds. Launching this day, the unruffled buds are the first from EPOS no longer co-branded with Sennheiser, and after utilizing them for this previous week I truly own to claim I’m somewhat impressed with how they’ve shaped up.

However let’s dive into what makes these in-ear headphones match for gaming. That’d be the wi-fi low-latency dongle, which EPOS capabilities alongside the earbuds and elevate case for employ with a worthy broader remit of devices. While the onboard Bluetooth ought to aloof be decent ample for most phones, the income of a dedicated dongle makes it merely that limited bit more uncomplicated to salvage connected to gaming computer true away or dash, which is in a utter to every so often render a Bluetooth connection inadequate for gaming.

It additionally enables these buds to hook up with the Nintendo Switch wirelessly, which is primarily critical if, cherish me, you exercise your wi-fi buds for close to all the pieces however gain your self carrying around a pair of wired 3.5mm headphones for employ with the Switch by myself.

Even consoles are coated by the dongle, whenever you occur to weren’t sorted in that department already.

The buds themselves bring decent noise isolation too, which makes them an very fair correct match for the total figurative travelling you’re probably partaking in correct now. The solid match a minimal of retains them stable, and also you needn’t awe about water ingress with an IPX5 ranking—which has them in a utter to withstand a sustained water jet spray at low stress. Comfortably ample for rain security.

Soundless, or no longer it is fair to own aspirations of resuming commute one day, and the GTW 270 offer 20 hours of battery lifestyles in total to search you thru. That’s five hours per price, and three additional costs within the dock.

EPOS GTW 270 headphones

(Image credit: EPOS)

The battery lifestyles is a limited bit slimmer than some others I’ve examined, however it indubitably’s ample to salvage you thru a day after which about a of dispersed employ—which is a essential ample milestone whenever you occur to are the style to price your tech incessantly. Must you’re buying for sustained battery you can additionally merely own to check out some bigger equipment—the EPOS x Sennheiser GSP 370 provides a wholesome 100 hours of battery, however they’re a ways chunkier for it. 

The headphone drivers are your long-established 20-20,000Hz fare, however sound solid and offer a pleasant low-slay response for his or her small dimension. There is additionally a pair of microphones, one on either earbud, for decent on-the-recede mic quality. No longer the rest shut to competitive gaming-grade, mind, however ample for a determined chat.

The GTW 270 Hybrid version goes on sale this day for $199 (£179), so they’re no longer at the total most cost-efficient buds around. There shall be a a limited bit less expensive version later down the road, on the other hand, that will additionally merely arrive sans dongle and rely fully on Bluetooth for connectivity.  

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