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These are the gaming mice that increase Nvidia’s low latency Reflex abilities

Alienware AW610M

(Image credit: Dell)

Nvidia is on a mission to minimize input rush in games through its Reflex abilities, which it equipped final September. Taking income of Reflex requires that distinct hardware and design work in cohesion. A form of pieces of hardware is the gaming mouse, and Nvidia has posted a listing of what explicit models increase Reflex.

The list is shrimp, albeit increasing. When Nvidia first announced Reflex, the firm acknowledged it can perchance also be supported by “high esports peripherals from Asus, Logitech, Razer, and Steelseries.” Since then, quite a lot of more peripheral makers beget entered the fold, along side Acer, Alienware (Dell), Aopen, Corsair, and MSI.

Here’s the list of supported mice:

Nvidia Reflex Mice

(Image credit: Nvidia)

There are 11 gaming mice in whole, though most efficient three up to now that work with for the time being on the market firmware—Asus ROG Chakram Core, Logitech G Pro X Superlight, and Steelseries Rival. Other mice, love Dell’s Alienware AW610M pictured up high, will play high-quality with Reflex once the manufacturers released the suitable firmware revision, per Nvidia’s list.

Additionally display cloak that not all wireless mice increase Reflex in wireless mode. To illustrate, Logitech’s Pro X Superlight is in a local to tap into Reflex when utilizing the included charging/recordsdata cable, nonetheless does not work throughout the wireless dongle. Or not it is that it is doubtless you’ll perchance mediate that can switch with a future firmware update, since there are about a wireless mice that increase Reflex in wireless mode, nonetheless or not it is something to beget in suggestions whenever you happen to can also very effectively be within the market for a rodent to make employ of particularly with Reflex.

Whether wired or wireless, all of those mice might well perchance smooth be plugged straight into a Reflex-effectively matched G-Sync computer screen, of which there are 9 supported models up to now. GPU increase is more powerful, with GeForce GTX 900 and increased supporting the abilities. And on the design facet, there are over a dozen games that increase diversified ranges of Reflex.

Is this something that you can smooth pursue? Alan final month went fingers-on with Reflex to retort that save a question to. Or not it is worth a read, nonetheless the fast model is he didn’t safe an substantial distinction when taking half in on a handy guide a rough 1080p new with a GeForce RTX 3080. On the opposite hand, there are bigger positive aspects on the market on more mainstream GPUs comparable to GeForce GTX 1660, the save design latency can also very effectively be within the reduction of nearly in half.

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