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There Were Over 2 Billion Tweets About Gaming In 2020, Most Of It For Animal Crossing


We’re moreover talking about Corpse_Husband a bit too great

We’re now now not announcing or now now not it is on account of we had nothing better to attain, but it appears to be like in 2020 all of us collectively tweeted 75% extra about video games than we did in 2019. Huh! Unprecedented!

With that huge ol’ chunk of tweets comes some attention-grabbing insight into what we’re essentially announcing with those missives: it appears to be like admire Animal Crossing: Unique Horizons used to be the biggest topic, earlier than mobile games Fate/Gigantic Stammer and Disney: Bent-Wonderland, both vastly fashioned in Japan.

Closing December’s Sport Awards used to be essentially the most-tweeted-about gaming tournament, by which Unique Horizons received Easiest Household Sport, and we noticed Sephiroth presented as essentially the most fresh Atomize Bros. persona.

Whether or now now not we’re tweeting about them, sharing screenshots, or safe patiently expecting news, essentially the most adopted gaming topics incorporated Fortnite, Minecraft, and Animal Crossing all yet again. The “PlayStation” and “Xbox” topics both made it into the tip ten, too, but “Nintendo” and “Change” did now not – presumably on account of we cannot all stand the heartbreak of getting unique Relate rumours debunked. Issue.

Meanwhile, it appears to be like admire Among Us has brought tremendous recognition to its most effectively-identified gamers, as musician and current deep-affirm-haver @Corpse_Husband cracks the tip ten “Most Tweeted About Gaming Personalities” following his streams with U.S. Representatives, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.

We all know we’ve been guilty of using Twitter to get hold of intellectual Animal Crossing designs for our islands, but how bear you ever used social media to chat about gaming? Enable us to know within the comments.