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The Self-discipline of enterprise tops Netflix and Disney originals as most-streamed uncover of 2020


Nielsen’s year-cease summary takes into memoir the ever-rising line up of streaming companies and products. Peaceable, with the exception of Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian, all of the shows within the tip 15 were on Netflix in 2020. For more context, Nielsen numbers most efficient have in thoughts shows considered thru TV monitors within the USA. If Mates on HBO Max racked up billions of views thru the provider’s mobile app, we simply carry out no longer know.

Possibly it’s no surprise that the persistently in style The Self-discipline of enterprise topped the checklist. The uncover modified into as soon as on Netflix thru last year, but in 2021 jumped to NBC’s novel provider Peacock. Out of the last shows, four Netflix originals blueprint the checklist: Ozark, Lucifer, The Crown, and Tiger King. The corpulent checklist is as follows:

  1. The Self-discipline of enterprise (57.1 billion)
  2. Grey’s Anatomy (39.4 billion)
  3. Criminal Minds (35.4 billion)
  4. Ozark (30.5 billion)
  5. NCIS (28.1 billion)
  6. Schitt’s Creek (23.8 billion)
  7. Supernatural (20.3 billion)
  8. Lucifer (19 billion)
  9. Shameless (18.2 billion)
  10. The Crown (16.3 billion)
  11. Tiger King (15.6 billion)
  12. Fresh Girl (14.5 billion)
  13. The Mandalorian (14.5 billion)
  14. The Blacklist (14.5 billion)
  15. Vampire Diaries (14.1 billion)