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The next D&D book goes to Candlekeep for a series of quick adventures


Two adventurers pore over a tome

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Remember Candlekeep? It is the put the educational of the customary Baldur’s Gate takes put, a monastic library fortress the put you high-tail errands, medication a sick cow, and learn to fight earlier than fending off into the Forgotten Geographical regions. Ought to you attain, you’ve got to donate a uncommon book to be allowed support in even whenever you happen to grew up there. These monks are soundless passionate about their books, as we’ll gaze in the next Dungeons & Dragons complement, Candlekeep Mysteries.

It is a sequence of 17 quick, self-contained adventures for characters of phases 1-16 that each one start with tomes being stumbled on in Candlekeep, and are themed spherical “mystery”. As neatly as the adventures it involves a poster design of Candlekeep and write-americaof its inhabitants.

I ran a bunch of D&D over the gain final yr, mostly quick adventures to suit the format of our weekly Zoom calls and Discord hangouts. I managed to search out ample prewritten scenarios on the DM’s Guild and in the D&D Requirements Kit to retain us going, moreover writing about a of my possess, but having extra to accumulate from might perhaps possibly be a mountainous relief. Candlekeep Mysteries shall be out on March 16.

Here is a primer on the digital tabletop instrument that allow you play D&D on PC.

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