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Sizable Theft Auto 5 recount actors recreate the ‘Lamar Roasts Franklin’ scene


Lamar Roasts Franklin

(Instruct credit: Shawn Fonteno and Slink Johnson (via Rockstar Games))

The Metropolis Diction defines “yee yee ass” as “something that appears to be like extremely wicked.” For context, it gives the following instance: “If it wasn’t for that yee yee ass haircut of yours, you should maybe well beget already purchased a job actual now.”

The term, and the instance of usage, are in fact taken from a furiously profane Sizable Theft Auto 5 cutscene by which Franklin will get fully roasted by Lamar. The segment became popularized all of the intention help in 2013—based completely on Know Your Meme, the clip became first uploaded to YouTube on September 17, 2013, the day GTA5 became released—nonetheless it completely’s taken on a brand new lifestyles not too lengthy ago, as followers beget begun organising and sharing some slightly unbelievable diversifications of Franklin’s verbal beatdown.

Some exercise the game’s fashioned dialog with different voices—Kermit the Frog, as an illustration—whereas others, like Yakuza’s Kazuma Kiryu roasting Franklin with karaoke, make a choice a more surreal methodology. However a brand new one which looked earlier as we mumble on the PlayStation Haven YouTube channel would possibly maybe well even high them all: Or not it’s an actual-lifestyles reenactment of the scene featuring Shawn Fonteno and Slink Johnson, the recount actors who portrayed Franklin and Lamar in GTA5.

(The video is down right here, in preference to up high, which capacity of it’s terribly NSFW—and I recount that as someone who is deeply immersed in videogaming tradition on a official basis. Catch into myth yourself warned.)

The rapid-fireplace dialog composed lands, nonetheless what in fact makes the reenactment work is the attention to tell: The clothing, the backdrop, the poses, and the lyrical denouement are all notify-on. There are a host of ingenious takes on the segment floating around (right here’s Thomas the Educate intelligent into on the action) nonetheless for my cash, you should maybe well maybe not beat the original, by the originals.

Talking of which, right here’s the precise cutscene, taken from the PS4 version and uploaded in 2014:

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