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Scott Pilgrim Creator Talks About Prick DLC For The Recreation, Including Playable Envy


This ve-long gone DLC will now be-long gone


Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Recreation came out this day, nearly ten years since its preliminary originate. Fans were going angry for it, with “Scott Pilgrim” within the imply time trending on Twitter. Nevertheless customary graphic new creator, Bryan Lee O’Malley, revealed that the sport before the entire thing had a special DLC planned, until it became within the carve worth of.

Conflict at Demonhead (named after the NES sport) is the band belonging to Envy Adams, Scott’s ex, and Todd Ingram, Ramona’s vegan ex, as wisely as drummer Lynette. Envy and Lynette appear as sub-bosses within the sport, and Todd – the third of Ramona’s infamous exes that Scott has to beat – is the boss of World 3.

We would absorb had playable villains! We would absorb had the likelihood to beat up Scott Pilgrim! Ah, wisely.

Envy Adams, by the manner, became performed by Brie Larson within the film. You appreciate, Brie Larson, fan of Animal Crossing: Unique Horizons, who desires to be the superstar of an Animal Crossing film? The girl who takes Trim Mario Galaxy too seriously? The actress who desires to create a Metroid film? We cannot mediate of the rest she’s been in, however we enact love her.