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Resident Wrong Village has a splendid vampire girl and followers be pleased her


We don’t know very worthy about Resident Wrong Village, and we won’t study extra until the upcoming designate match on Jan. 21. Nonetheless we did uncover a transient glimpse of the brand new sport, and it included a nine foot splendid vampire girl with an top-notch hat and a tainted grin.

She no doubt sounds just like the game’s unhappy man, or a persistent boss of some kind. She looks as if the same of Jack, the angry dad from Resident Wrong 7, or Mr. X from the Resident Wrong 2 remake. Mr. X used to be an very edifying boss, and followers satisfied in modding him into all sorts of fun things like Thomas the Tank Engine and the goose from Untitled Goose Sport. Fans also took gargantuan pleasure in shipping Mr. X with Leon.

The vampire girl is already full of life followers, no subject handiest being on hide for a allotment of a minute. She’s absolutely worthy extra amazing than emotive than Mr. X, which is thrilling.

Haha oh nooo the broad vampire girl from resident unhappy 8 is chasing me oh nooooo~

Aw I if fact be told possess tripped and now my skin is showing oh God ❤️ I hope she… Does…nt…chunk me that is perchance unpleasant…. Hahaha she maintaining me like a bunch of grapes ❤️ scare~

— Lulu (@luulubuu) January 15, 2021

This gigantic girl is a hit, and individuals can’t dwell up for her to crush them beneath her heel. She’s now now not the handiest splendid character in Resident Wrong Village, then over again. Chris Redfield, sequence frail, is motivate in the game. For these which shall be questioning, he’s greater than ever.

I create now now not possess any idea what’s happening with Village, why Ethan is here, why Chris is so opposed, and the diagram this vampire girl figures into it. It’s all reasonably chaotic, and these heroic choices develop the game peep inviting. We’ll uncover extra about Village for the duration of the publisher showcase on Jan. 21.