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Random: YouTube Musician Charles Cornell Did A Deep-Dive On The Mii Channel Theme

Boop-ba-doop-boop, ba-doop-doop-doop (ᵈᵒᵒᵖ ᵈᵒᵒᵖ ᵈᵒᵒᵖ)

You would possibly want obtained it for your head now, don’t you? The Mii Channel music is iconic, and for dazzling reason: it is a banger. We contain considered freestyle raps, remixes with dances, Otomatone covers, and a 10-hour model with nearly ten million views.

Charles Cornell is a musician who’s lined such gargantuan-ranging musical subjects as “That One Music That Everyone Plays On Piano“, a conceal of The Twelve Days of Christmas that gets progressively jazzier, and a series called “Piano Dub Vines“, the place he presents a soundtrack to favorite Vine movies. In temporary, he’s placing his musical files to dazzling use.

His most up-to-date video, entitled “The Wii Theme Music Is Unironically In point of reality Real“, he talks about exactly why it is so dazzling. We would possibly were overjoyed with “it is correct a gosh darn jam“, however curiously it is all all the contrivance in which down to suave use of chords, time signatures, and accents to attract one of many finest bops of our generation.

When Cornell performs the Wii Sports Theme on the piano, it sounds cherish something your folks would possibly win worth to at a refined jazz bar. Intriguing on to the Wii Shop Theme, he performs about a bars while showing the sheet music transcription, and it becomes particular correct how intricate the track if truth be told is.

The video is neatly worth a leer for musicians and amateur Wii music fans alike, and when you occur to are anything cherish us, you are going to likely head over to the 10-hour model straight afterwards. Don’t peril, we totally perceive.

Are there any folks who despise the Wii music? Let your self be known within the feedback, when you occur to dare.