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Random: Peep Any person Speedrun Celeste The utilization of A Dance Pad


Celeste is a stressful platforming sport that will create your thumbs bleed and your brain ache, but it sounds as if that is because we now have all been having fun with it awful: shall we aloof were having fun with with our feet.

Someday of final week’s Qualified Video games Done Snappy lag, speedrunner PeekingBoo performed a 14: 41 speedrun of Celeste’s C-Aspect ranges, performed entirely on a dance pad. No longer happy with the command of the C-Facets, which might perchance perchance also very successfully be no longer necessary immediate-but-stressful ranges, PeekingBoo also decided to safe all of the Golden Strawberries, which might perchance perchance also very successfully be also no longer necessary achievements that you safe when you develop a full stage without loss of life.

“[The levels] are no longer easy till you compose them a pair of hundred times.”


There are eight stages total, and one and all is plenty of screens of tricky platforming. PeekingBoo promised to donate one dollar per demise, and 5 bucks per Golden Strawberry, that implies that he donated $57 at the stop of the lag.

Within the first stage, Peeking Boo regarded to be struggling to regulate to the hard (self-imposed) controller draw, with eight total deaths, but managed to stride the subsequent three stages with elegant two deaths total, and the total remaining stage – arguably the toughest within the game – with zero deaths. That might perchance perchance be spectacular by itself, but this modified into once on a dance pad. Insanity.

Also, his girlfriend, Kim, posted an encouraging donation message throughout the lag, and it modified into once adorable. He gave her a shout out in return at the stop, asserting “you’ll also very successfully be elegant amazing”. Awwww.

Is thrashing Celeste with a dance pad extra, or less stressful than beating Gargantuan Mario Sunshine with a Guitar Hero controller? Assert us your tips within the comments!