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Random: Japan Gets Extraordinary Pokémon Treats For Valentine’s Day


When you adore somebody a lot you want them to indulge in Pikachu’s face

Japan always gets the entire relaxing. They get to position their head in Gengar’s mouth. They get all this gracious-cute Animal Crossing loungewear. Here in the UK, we’re fortunate if we get a localised unlock of a 5-year aged sport (cough, Ace Criminal skilled).

Sorry to interrupt your entire hearts again, but we regret to pronounce that Japan is help at it with these extraordinarily cute Pokémon Valentine’s items, including several varied chocolate bins, tote bags themed around the Eeveelutions and the Galar starters, and a Dragonite lunch box that we’d literally extinguish for.

Photos communicate louder than phrases, though our anguished wailing can probably be heard from Japan, so steal a see on the Valentine’s goodness in this gallery:

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