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PS Plus Free Sport: 24 An extraordinarily great Maneater Guidelines for Terrorizing the Seas


Sleek Guidelines

  • Be aware your ABC’s – Frequently Be Chompin! As you growth from aim to aim, there’s nearly never a purpose to constantly be gobbling up any fish you detect along the style. The extra vitamins you relish, the faster you’ll evolve, level up, and change into stronger. This could presumably well also honest additionally point out you should presumably well presumably upgrade your mutations faster as you scrutinize them, plus heal up in between assaults by assorted creatures or hunters.
  • There are 4 kinds of Vitamins – Full (yellow) basically advise in most docile fish, Minerals (blue) basically advise in turtles, Protein (red) basically advise in most aggressive sea creatures and folks, and Mutagen (green) only advise in rarer albino creatures. Obtaining any form will serve you to level up, and each mutation requires a assorted form to upgrade (though most all will require some mutagen to upgrade to their max tiers.
  • Your Grotto is a stable home – and you should presumably well’t be attacked by man or sea creature whereas inner. You must presumably well in actuality use this to your profit, as any aggressive enemies that be aware you into your grotto can soundless be attacked, nevertheless they obtained’t fight serve. Free vitamins!
  • Early on whenever you happen to’re soundless a pup and teen, you should presumably well presumably also honest detect several hunted creatures in every situation that effortlessly outmatch you in strength. While you should presumably well presumably even the chances later the use of mutations and evolution upgrades, you seemingly obtained’t possess many abilities early in the sport, so assassinate distinct that to defend a ways flung from these enemies at all costs till you’re feeling stronger. If a mission takes situation of their neighborhood, be rapid and stealthy to strive gobbling up extra docile fish around them sooner than they steal glean out about.
  • While you evolve into an grownup, you’ll be ready to make use of your tail to launch issues you’ve latched onto. This could presumably well even be incredibly versatile – as you should presumably well presumably use it to originate particular gates, toss hunters into the sea (or at every assorted), and toss fish at predators to stun them. While you’ve outgrown a particular aggressive fish, you’ll glean that you simply should presumably well presumably latch onto the smaller creatures – and chuck them away if they’re hassling you.
  • Humans on the total have to not huge swimmers until they’ve diving tools on – and injured hunters or assorted folks tossed into the water after getting smacked around, forcibly ejected from an exploding ship, or chewed on, will seemingly drown on their possess – and whereas they obtained’t reason you any longer issues, you should presumably well presumably use them as an effortless snack whereas struggling with assorted soundless active hunters.


  • There are 3 major mutation “objects” – The Bone Jam, Bio-Electrical Jam, and Shadow Jam, plus several organ mutations. The Bone Jam is gained from defeating apex predators, and is on the total only for boat wrestle. The Bio-Electrical Jam is gained from defeating named bounty hunters as you elevate your infamy, and is on the total huge for obliging-searching a complete lot of attacking sea predators. The Shadow Jam is gained from getting Landmark collectibles, and works wisely against either model of enemy, attributable to its flee elevate, poison blasts, and existence-stealing assaults.
  • While you commence finding “Body” Mutations, you should presumably well presumably set off particular powerups which could be charged by eating ample food. If you’re about to head into wrestle with an Apex Predator or appeal to some bounty hunters, gain your powerup ready first to set off it when wished.
  • The use of assorted moves will reason particular parts of your body to glow – searching on which of your evolution and mutations are affecting it: like fins heavenly when dodging, head and body heavenly when dashing, and tail heavenly when tail whipping.

Combat Guidelines

  • You’ll in the waste be ready to outrun any pursuing enemy – nevertheless you should presumably well presumably expect to be chased and attacked several instances whereas searching to flee. For this purpose, it’s on the total vital that you simply flip your digicam around to face at the serve of you when fleeing so you should presumably well presumably even be ready to evade at a 2nd’s glean out about. A success evading on the total formula your enemy will want a 2nd to gain higher, providing you with beyond regular time to flee.
  • Combat against assorted sea creatures is rather straightforward, nevertheless it’s straightforward to fail to see particular tactics. Enemies will on the total alternate between rapid lunging assaults, and slower cost u.s.a.sooner than dashing at you, or whipping their tail while you gain too terminate. Many instances, when an enemy costs up and after they inch, their body will glow – indicating they are susceptible. While you happen to strike at these parts, you should presumably well presumably deal extra distress, interrupt them with tail swipes, and even latch onto enemies smaller than you and thrash them about.
  • When struggling with enemies at or above your level – particularly apex predators – searching to match them blow for blow seemingly obtained’t serve. As a replace, let them assassinate the first transfer, dodge and strike a couple of instances, then retreat a transient distance and be ready to dodge again.
  • Real thru fights, extra docile fish are inclined to scatter away, nevertheless they are able to soundless be chanced on nearby – wait till after you dodge or stun an opponent to peek a transient meal to glean health in a cosmopolitan fight.
  • Be aware that your lock-on isn’t a everlasting transfer – it only lets you flip to face your contemporary attacker. This could presumably well steal a model of getting ancient to, as you’ll must gain into the addiction of panning the digicam to face your attacker, dodge their incoming attack, mercurial lock-on to their current situation, and strike mercurial sooner than they gain higher or proceed to hasten around. If facing a complete lot of attackers, strive to defend as many of them in entrance of you as imaginable – or you’ll chance getting hit from every aspect.
  • While you happen to’re ready to launch a predator out of water (the use of your tail whip attack), they obtained’t be ready to fight serve till they reach the water again – nevertheless you should presumably well presumably pursue them and defend attacking.
  • Holding down the button to toss something in your mouth will behind down time, allowing you to conscientiously bewitch your target – which is particularly helpful in the heart of several hunter boats, so you should presumably well presumably incapacitate somebody taking pictures at you by chucking one in every of their chums expedient at them.
  • Hunters can overwhelm you while you aren’t paying attention and heart of attention entirely on one boat. Be distinct to hasten between them, and use your tail whip or toss to mercurial empty boats – as they’ll be on the total helpless in the water and mercurial drown if already injured. You must presumably well snack on them to glean health at some level of the fight, nevertheless your heart of attention could presumably well possess to be disabling boats as mercurial as imaginable.
  • Greater boats are inclined to possess hunters attacking from guarded spaces – so you’ll must soar and land on the boat and thrash around to assassinate the high allotment and express them.
  • If or not it will seemingly be vital to gain a ways flung from hunters mercurial, head to deeper water the assign they are able to’t song your movements, or enter grates and sewers the assign they are able to’t be aware till they mercurial ignore you.

Exploration Guidelines

  • Don’t underestimate your shark’s skill to hop onto dry land. You must presumably well final an incredibly long time above water, and when your O2 depletes you’ll originate to lose health till you gain serve underwater. Nonetheless, not only are you able to leave the water to grab a transient human snack – you should presumably well presumably additionally use land to gain a ways flung from assorted predators and provides them the hasten if but one more water source is nearby.
  • Early on in Maneater, you obtained’t be ready to growth till you should presumably well presumably also honest possess got evolved into a larger teen or grownup wished to crumple particular barriers – nevertheless whenever you happen to reach the Golden Shores, you’re in truth ready to explore the relaxation of the plan while you will need – correct steal care to defend a ways flung from the stronger predators that dwell out in direction of the originate waters!
  • After rising up from Teen to Grownup, or Grownup to Elder, assassinate distinct that to verify serve in outdated areas for any grates you should presumably well presumably not originate sooner than – as they could presumably well also very wisely be hiding current collectibles or shortcuts to assorted areas.
  • As you evolve, you should presumably well presumably also prolong the space you should presumably well presumably lunge out of the water – and you’ll in the waste be ready to soar a complete lot of instances. With this you should presumably well presumably either swim up out of the water or soar from the outside (first soar), and then either soar or lunge two extra instances!
  • There are many underwater caves and sewers in Maneater, and it could per chance presumably even be straightforward to gain lost and disoriented in the slim waterways. As a rule, advise that any openings or tunnel passages will always possess yellow lights around them.