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Primarily the most easy VR headset in 2021


Best VR headset

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Primarily the most easy VR headset is a sound investment for extra than factual Half-Lifestyles: Alyx. If you are going to procure scoured the streets of City 17 for Mix to abolish, you would possibly possibly perchance possibly tranquil down and perceive a movie writ gigantic on a digital cinema cloak, soar an X-Soar in Celebrity Wars: Squadrons, and even paint a physics-bending mural in a digital space. It be a mountainous time to procure into digital fact, we reckon.

We procure now devised this list for these of you which of them will likely be alive to to leap into VR but might possibly perchance want a hand navigating the realms of fact through money, comfort and opulent. Don’t anxiety, all options are appropriate with the biggest VR games accessible and now we procure taken into narrative the all-important FOV and resolution for the closing experience.

Primarily the most easy of digital fact

If your extra greenback is burning a gap on your pocket, essentially the most attention-grabbing VR gaming headset subtle now is the Valve Index. The hot free up of Nvidia’s RTX 30-sequence and AMD’s Radeon 6000 sequence GPUs has made VR gaming somewhat (factual somewhat) extra within your capacity. Even so, whereas you are going to procure a essential PC, here’s a essential VR resolution to pass with it.

The Index is wait on in stock now after the free up of Half-Lifestyles: Alyx, though they favor to tranquil be somewhat scarce. In fact, that’s the case of many of these headsets—shares are little, and so all of them are inclined to promote out rapid on every occasion a colossal title gets released. No longer lower than in the case of the Valve Index, you would possibly possibly simplest have to help just a few weeks earlier than receiving one.

They’re going to be handle gold-dust, but essentially the most attention-grabbing VR experiences wouldn’t have to point out remortgaging your dwelling or selling off your children. There are a variety of much less-pricey VR headsets on the list for these on a price range. 

The Oculus Quest 2 stands out as one of essentially the most attention-grabbing entry-level VR headset going at present. It be gentle, highly efficient, low-cost, and might possibly perchance additionally be zigzag as much as your gaming PC with a single USB Form-C cable for fleshy tethered action. Primarily the most easy caveat is the force Facebook login, that might possibly perchance postpone some of your social media Luddites accessible.

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Handiest VR headsets

Valve Index

(Image credit ranking: ©Valve)

1. Valve Index

Primarily the most easy VR headset for a top rate experience on a gaming PC.

Existing: AMOLED | Resolution: 2880 x 1600 | Refresh Rate: 120Hz, experimental 144Hz mode | Discipline of Glimpse: ~130 levels | Controllers: Index Controllers | Connections: DisplayPort, USB 3.0, USB 2.0

Handiest at school hardware

Happy to attain on

Nearly about no SDE


The Valve Index boasts some of essentially the most attention-grabbing visuals of any mainstream, commercially readily accessible HMD, with a show resolution equaling the Vive Expert, Quest, and Odyssey+ but paired with a 120Hz refresh rate (as much as 144Hz in a for the time being unsupported, experimental mode). The FOV, at 130°, is also simplest-in-class, and there might be quite about no detectable cloak door manufacture within the headset. 

It also boasts some spectacular skills and at hand comfort capabilities, handle per-finger tracking on the shapely Index controllers, USB passthrough for future accessories, and fabulous, crystal tremendous audio by strategy of the shut to-field speakers, which cruise factual off the ears. It be also totally pleased to attain on, constructed from in moderation selected, wonderful provides and high-notch weight distribution. 

But all that comes at a impress. As we said in our Valve Index analysis, it’s miles basically the most attention-grabbing VR headset on the market… whereas you don’t prefer into consideration the cost proposition. At nearly a thousand bucks, the total Index equipment charges extra than double the Rift S or Quest impress and nearly exactly double the MSRP of the Odyssey+, that might possibly perchance additionally be on a usual basis found out at a cut impress. There don’t seem to be many actual employ circumstances for the finger tracking skills either, other than Half-Lifestyles: Alyx, which you procure free of fee. 

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Oculus Quest 2

(Image credit ranking: Oculus)

2. Oculus Quest 2

Primarily the most easy entry-level VR headset.

Existing: LCD | Resolution: 3664 x 1920 | Refresh Rate: As much as 90Hz | Discipline of Glimpse: 100 levels | Controllers: Oculus Touch | Connections: USB Form-C, 3.5mm headphone

Oculus Link tethering

Improved graphics

Mountainous impress

Fundamental Facebook login

Strap requires rather a number of fiddling to sit down accurately

The Oculus Quest 2 each improves on the specs sheet of the distinctive Quest and delivers it for more inexpensive. With a brand original LCD at 1832 x 1920 per gaze, the Quest 2 affords distinctive readability for an entry-level headset, wherein you would possibly possibly perchance possibly revel in a slew of games either honest constructed for the standalone headset, and thus rendered by the onboard Snapdragon XR2 chip, or beamed out of your PC utilizing Oculus Link and a appropriate USB Form-C cable.

Thanks to Oculus Link, the Quest 2 turns into extra than a standalone VR headset. It turns into an all-in-one VR Swiss navy knife, agreeable of mountainous on-the-pass VR and gaming across SteamVR and Oculus Rift appropriate titles.

It be also one of the most quickest headsets to setup on this list. With Internal-Out tracking and hand tracking constructed-in, you would possibly possibly perchance possibly amble from unboxing to up-and-running in VR in neutral a number of minutes.

There’s simplest one hitch in the Oculus Quest 2’s understanding for digital world domination: compulsory Facebook narrative login. The Oculus Quest 2 requires a Facebook narrative login. The firm says it’s to raised relief you, the buyer, with products and providers and merchandise, but whereas you would possibly possibly perchance even be not partial to Facebook’s practices then you are going to simplest scroll extra down the list for a low-cost VR headset price investing in.

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Oculus Rift S

(Image credit ranking: ©Facebook)

3. Oculus Rift S

Primarily the most easy VR headset for a huge library of games.

Existing: LCD | Resolution: 2560 x 1600 | Refresh Rate: 80Hz | Discipline of Glimpse: 110 levels | Controllers: Oculus Touch | Connections: DisplayPort/Mini DisplayPort, USB 3.0

Unbelievable resolution and refresh rate

Mountainous, deep library of games

Internal out tracking

Decrease constancy than high-discontinue headsets

The Rift S is a thrilling proposition. It totally displaces its predecessor, the distinctive Oculus Rift. It’s definitively an make stronger, but it’s being sold at the identical impress level the distinctive retailed for. That said, it’s miles mostly an unparalleled step wait on in some baffling systems, with a small lower in refresh rate and in the truth it uses LCD lenses in earn 22 situation of OLED. 

That said, the Rift S is smartly essentially the most attention-grabbing mid-level wired headset you would possibly possibly perchance possibly buy for a PC. No longer simplest does it procure a deep library of games—a library that’s matured and expanded considerably for the reason that delivery of the distinctive Rift—its better resolution and extra totally pleased fit way the distinctive Rift is now used (unless, clearly, you would possibly possibly procure one at a deep cut impress). Whereas the distinctive might possibly procure a small advantage in one of the most categories mentioned above, the experience of wearing the Rift S is grand helpful, in particular on condition that it fully supports inside-out tracking. That way you wouldn’t have to prefer, wire-up, and procure a earn 22 situation for exterior sensors on your play space. 

If you’re going to procure already invested in a mid-tier or better gaming PC, desire a highly efficient headset, but don’t are seeking to spend a huge amount of cash for the privilege, the Rift S is an amazing winner. It’ll be extra of an iterative make stronger from the distinctive than we at the origin hoped. On the different hand, it’s tranquil an shapely piece of hardware and an fabulous way for PC owners to dive into digital fact for the principle time.

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(Image credit ranking: HTC)

4. HTC Vive Cosmos Elite

HTC goes wait on to atrocious stations for improved accuracy.

Existing: LCD | Resolution: 2880 x 1700 | Refresh Rate: 90 Hz | Discipline of Glimpse: 110 levels | Controllers: 1st-gen Vive Controllers | Connections: DisplayPort 1.2, USB 3.0

Excessive resolutions displays

Appropriate tracking

Contains Half-Lifestyles: Alyx and Viveport Infinity


First-gen controllers and atrocious stations

Lacking innovation

The HTC Vive Cosmos Elite is designed to handle one of the most distinctive HTC Vive Cosmos complications whereas striking forward that mannequin’s core specs. The twin 4.3-gallop 1440 x 1700 displays running at 90 Hz with out a doubt are price maintaining on to. The Cosmos Elite comes bundled with Half-Lifestyles: Alyx and 6-months of Viveport Infinity subscription, which at the very least way there are many issues to inspect with your original headset.

The Cosmos Elite is of route the distinctive Cosmos bundled with the principle skills atrocious stations and controllers and a special faceplate. This vogue you lose one of the most distinctive’s inside-out tracking’s immediacies but procure improved accuracy for the bother. That’s a success that does feel cheap in the subtle games (Half-Lifestyles: Alyx, for instance). It’s likely you’ll possibly want a tight space so that you can throw your helmeted self round in, though.

The usual delivery impress of the Cosmos Elite became prohibitively high at $899, and here’s one of the most causes it didn’t fare better in our analysis. Level-headed, whereas you would possibly possibly perchance even be buying for a top rate VR gaming experience, you would possibly possibly perchance even be going to have to pay a bit for it, whichever resolution you amble for.

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Samsung Odyssey+

(Image credit ranking: ©Samsung)

5. Samsung Odyssey+

Primarily the most easy VR headset from the Dwelling windows Mixed Fact neighborhood.

Existing: AMOLED | Resolution: 2880 x 1600 | Refresh Rate: 90Hz | Discipline of Glimpse: 110 levels | Controller: Odyssey Controllers | Connections: HDMI, USB 3.0

Same resolution because the Vive Expert for half of the cost

Internal-out tracking 

Lowered cloak door manufacture

Lifeless originate

The Odyssey+ is Samsung’s refresh of, you guessed it, the distinctive Odyssey HMD. It be a appreciable enchancment and essentially the most attention-grabbing of the hot cleave of Dwelling windows Mixed Fact (WMR) offerings. Don’t let that category name fool you; the Odyssey+ is basically a devoted VR headset—the “combined” nomenclature comes mainly from Microsoft’s initial eagerness to bundle HoloLens into the identical ecosystem as its VR initiative.

The Odyssey+ boasts an impressively high-res show for a WMR instrument, at 2880 x 1600, and likewise takes helpful thing a number of proprietary anti-cloak door feature Samsung deploys to lower the ravishing-grain you detect in the bulk of HMDs. As a outcome, the cloak-door manufacture in the Odyssey+ is practically undetectable, and combined with the WMR usual of inside-out tracking, affords a rare level of immersion.

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Jargon buster – Digital Fact busted

Discipline of glance (FOV)

The sphere of glance refers back to the amount of an ambiance that’s visible to an observer; in VR, it’s miles the extent of the game world that’s visible in the displays. A broader FOV in a headset is integral to a feeling of immersion. 

Head-mounted show (HMD)

Broadly any wearable mounted on the head with graphical capabilities but on the total aged to consult VR headsets namely.

Internal-out tracking

Systems aged to tune a user’s actions in VR that originate in the headset, as in opposition to delivery air-in tracking, where exterior sensors are aged to tune gallop. Tracking, and the formulation aged, is indispensable to permit either three levels of freedom (being in a achieve of living to appear for round in any course in VR) or six levels of freedom (being in a achieve of living to appear for round and pass your body in any course in VR). 


The extend between an enter and a response, in VR, the extend between user enter thru a controller, transferring your head, or assorted systems, and the response on the headset displays. Low latency is indispensable to lowering nausea in VR, which is most intense when there is a extend or stuttering between transferring or taking a watch and the show reacting.


Resolution is the measurement in pixels, horizontal and vertical, of a characterize or show. Better resolution in VR is indispensable for the reason that displays are so shut to the user’s eyes, which emphasizes jagged lines, pixelation, and the cloak door manufacture. 

Refresh rate

The amount of photos a show is agreeable of showing per 2d, measured in hertz. The high refresh rate is indispensable for VR in a similar vogue to latency, as a low refresh rate can trigger stuttering (and even the looks to be like of freezing), which would possibly trigger nausea.

Veil door manufacture (SDE)

The ravishing mesh-handle manufacture of viewing a characterize rendered in pixels at shut vary, where the grid between pixels is visible. Better resolutions (or proprietary options handle that constructed into the Odyssey+) mitigate this manufacture.