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Pointless Cells Fatal Plunge DLC arrives later this month


It’s no longer prolonged now unless Pointless Cells takes a lethal descent into its subsequent paid expansion. Trail Twin and Unpleasant Empire honest launched the hack ‘n’ cut roguelite’s Fatal Plunge DLC will commence on January 26th, bringing with it current biomes, current enemies and current weapons with which to whack ’em.

A form of weapons is a lantern, which I believed possibly you’d honest shine at enemies, nonetheless judging from the trailer below it seems you’ll be the usage of that to clobber baddies to demise too.

First up, the 2 current biomes you’ll be exploring are The Fractured Shrines and The Undying Shores. They’re supposed as alternate paths to shake up your midgame runs, and culminate in combating current boss, The Scarecrow.

In a press commence, the devs allege that before you accumulate that tall meanie you’ll bump into “a homicidal pet sword” and “a tiny bit of psychotic enemies like the Myopic Crow, the Clumsy Swordsman, the Compulsive Gravedigger”. Appears to be like like a party.

As for the present weapons, there are seven in full, alongside with: Lightning Rods, Ferryman’s Lantern, Scarecrow’s Sickles, Iron Group, Snake Fangs, Serenade and Cocoon. The devs add that every of these will abet you to in assorted areas of the present biomes.

Fatal Falls comes out on January 26th, and can merely serene tag £4.50/$5/€5. From that date, the builders will be launching about a reductions too, alongside with offering 50% off the unfavorable sport. They allege these reductions will vary by platform, so attain bewitch in thoughts that Pointless Cells is straight accessible on Steam, GOG, the Narrative Video games Store, Starting save and Humble ought to you’re shopping for the noteworthy deal.

In the event you’ve slept on the sport up to now, picking it up whereas it’s discounted is possibly a honest roar, because it if truth be told is rather honest. “Pointless Cells gets into your apprehensive design like a shining looking out toxin,” Brendy (RPS in peace) said in his Pointless Cells overview. “The verbs ‘hack’ and ‘cut’ appreciate usually been save to better exhaust”