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Open World Megastar Wars Game in Development at Ubisoft


Ubisoft is engaged on a memoir-pushed, commence world Megastar Wars game with Lucasfilm Video games. The Division developer, Ubisoft Big will draw the contemporary game.

Per a memoir from Wired, no other gameplay info had been launched, and Big is outwardly still recruiting for the project. The sport will utilise the Snowdrop engine feeble for the studio’s Division video games, and Division 2 director Julian Gerighty will disclose this project too. No indication has been given as to whether Big’s Megastar Wars game may maybe well well well be single or multiplayer, what portion of the Megastar Wars timeline it’d be a ingredient of, or when it would possibly be launched.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot did give a limited tease, announcing the game would possibly be “an customary Megastar Wars fling that is varied from anything else that has been accomplished prior to.” Lucasfilm also acknowledged all Megastar Wars video games would continue to be treated as canon alongside the film TV, e book, and comic releases.

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Earlier this week, it was launched that Megastar Wars video games would possibly be brought below a brand contemporary, single stamp known as Lucasfilm Video games. The day gone by, Lucasfilm Video games also launched that MachineGames and Bethesda are engaged on an Indiana Jones game.

In 2013, EA and Disney launched a multi-twelve months licensing agreement that gave EA the unfamiliar rights to post Megastar Wars video games developed by its inner studios. That deal now seems to have been altered, but EA will “continue to be a truly strategic and predominant accomplice for us now and going forward”, accoring to senior vp of International Video games and Interactive Experiences at Disney Sean Shoptaw, talking to Wired.

Wired’s memoir makes obvious that Disney will expend pitches from companies on the utilization of Megastar Wars and other Lucas properties (honest like Indiana Jones), despite the proven truth that VP of Lucasfilm Video games Douglas Reilly made obvious that Lucasfilm Video games would have final approval on all initiatives.

The EA deal produced video games take care of Megastar Wars: Battlefront 1 and 2 from DICE, Megastar Wars: Jedi Fallen Recount from Respawn Entertainment, and Megastar Wars: Squadrons from EA Motive. On the other hand, there had been also some excessive-profile cancellations, including Amy Hennig’s Project Ragtag which was in sort on the now defunct Visceral Video games.

The Division video games are location in a fictional version of the US correct by cataclysmic events that force members of an elite militia unit identified as the Strategic Hometown Division as they rebuild US cities in the aftermath. Both video games featured live service parts where players would repeatedly work on their characters and keep contemporary equipment by winding up excessive-shatter goals. Big has also been engaged on an Avatar game for several years, which was lately delayed into 2022.

Matt T.M. Kim is a reporter for IGN.