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Nod to Source 2 ray tracing make stronger stumbled on in Artifact’s game recordsdata of all places

A screenshot from Valve's card game, Artifact

(Image credit rating: Valve)

A fresh update to the digital card game Artifact has some fans hoping that RTX and ray tracing make stronger will seemingly be coming to Valve’s Source 2 engine, which is most critically broken-down for Dota 2 and Half-Lifestyles: Alyx.

A tweet from SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik has grew to turn out to be up two references to RTX in an no longer going capacity: within Valve’s no longer-so-approved card game. While a long way from concrete proof of ray tracing make stronger, or no longer it’s seen as a conceivable nod that something goes on on the assist of the scenes for Artifact, and even the Source 2 engine as a whole.

Two strings had been added to the game’s recordsdata: RTX and Raytracing shader.

It be no longer yet clear what these strings point out for Artifact and Source, whether or no longer something else at all. But even this by myself has been sufficient to get some hoping for a Half-Lifestyles: Alyx ray tracing update, being doubtlessly the most contemporary game to open on the Source 2 engine. Though that individual VR/RTX combo would absolutely salvage even a high-atomize PC frail on the knees. 

Others salvage a newfound glimmer of hope for eventual Source 2 ports for approved Valve games, even when there may per chance be peaceable somewhat minute evidence of this form of pass as of currently.

Source 2 is seemingly getting RTX/Raytracing make stronger.Last Artifact Beta acquired “Raytracing Shader” and “RTX” strings added. 14, 2021

CS:GO is the customarily cited Source 2 port within the making, but for each and each rumour citing conceivable engine upgrades there are two extra claiming the mission has been cancelled.

Whatever the case, an RTX pork up is hardly ever the overhaul that Artifact would seemingly must discover a brand unique recognition on Steam, so or no longer it’s conceivable that the references allude to extra machinations at Valve concerning the ‘holy grail’ of rendering tech. Though or no longer it’s moreover no longer now not like reference to a star-crossed feature to be provisionally added to game recordsdata and pulled with out mighty valid relate.

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