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Nioh 2 appears to be like to be correct type on PC, however soundless wants some work to be a excellent PC port

Nioh 2 character creator

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I turn out to be once so engrossed in Nioh 2’s personality creator that I turn out to be once tempted to halt in it, tinkering perpetually, and by no technique the truth is play the game that comes after it. It is a colossal personality creator: Every time I hit the randomize button I saw a brand new face that I loved, or that at the least made me laugh. After nearly an hour, even supposing, I pried myself a ways flung from the personality creator to secure to the wrestle at the coronary heart of Nioh 2 and test out how it runs on PC. For the most portion, it is correct type, with some frightful PC-unfamiliar parts. But there are additionally some frightful concerns that I am hoping Koei Tecmo fixes sooner than liberate.

Indulge in the principle Nioh, this port comes a pair of year after its liberate on the PlayStation 4. It is out on February 5. The preview fabricate I played a pair of hours of on Steam ran without main factors—I didn’t locate any crashes within the principle stage, even supposing I did secure flattened by a enormous monkey demon a total lot of times.

I’ve been cruising through Sad Souls 2 lately and beat FromSoftware’s Sekiro in December, however the abilities I set apart to make exhaust of in those games don’t the truth is lift over to Nioh 2, which calls for even more cautious timing of your assaults and punishes you in the present day for overstepping. A new guy with a spear skewered me after I dared swing at him 3 times, exhausting my stamina. The categorical up-entrance bother of Nioh 2 is that it offers you deal of wrestle techniques to juggle. At any time it is doubtless you’ll per chance switch between immediate/guarded/aggressive wrestle stances, which affect your stamina recovery and weapon ache (and absolutely change your attack combos).

Stamina, aka ki, depletes extraordinarily like a flash, and the unswerving technique to buy attacking is to develop a Ki pulse (by tapping R1 on an Xbox controller) correct after finishing a combo, which refills the meter. It is plenty to undergo in mind on-the-fly, and my intuition to dam after a combo in preference to utilizing the Ki pulse has not served me properly in Nioh 2 to this level. 

As with Sekiro, even supposing, I will have the ability to the truth is feel the outline of a colossal wrestle machine right here that I have not trained my brain to react to. In a overview final year, our sister put of abode GamesRadar+ talked about that wrestle “sooner or later clicks correct into a fluid rhythm” while final “on a knife edge.” 

I’m expecting surviving long ample to bag that rhythm, and elated that Nioh 2 is playable on PC with worthy greater image positive and greater framerates than it had on consoles—even supposing I turn out to be once bowled over that my PC couldn’t max out its efficiency.

PC efficiency

With an Intel i7-7700K and an Nvidia RTX 3070, my PC averaged about 70 fps within the principle stage of Nioh 2. This turn out to be once at a resolution of 2560×1440 with all of Nioh’s settings maxed out (and motion blur disabled), and the framerate capped at 120 fps. On the PS4 Skilled, Nioh 2 might well bustle at 1080p, 60 fps, or at high resolution at 30 fps. As demonstrated in this Digital Foundry video, even supposing, a total lot of of the game’s graphics settings were turn out to be down to hit that 60 fps, and the resolution infrequently dropped too to help things true. 

The image is worthy, worthy sharper on PC. But I turn out to be once bowled over that a cost new RTX 3070 GPU—vastly more worthy than what’s within the PS4—didn’t bustle nearer to 120 frames per 2nd. It would typically bustle at 80 or 90 fps, then dip motivate into the 70s with more motion on the show. On my G-Sync video show I didn’t focus on about any stuttering or tearing, so the framerate fluctuation didn’t secure within the strategy of Nioh 2’s loyal wrestle.

More disappointing is that every of Nioh 2’s cutscenes are locked to 30 fps, as they were on the PS4. Pre-rendered videos I might well realize, however these cutscenes characteristic your customized personality so are clearly done in-engine. There’s no correct type trigger of them to be locked to 30 fps in 2021.

PC graphics settings

With regards to alternate choices, Nioh 2 is an unfamiliar case, offering indecent customization and frightful parts in some areas, and disappointingly restricted alternate choices in others. For graphics settings, you secure the bare minimal required for a correct type PC port.

Nioh 2 helps borderless windowed mode, and there might be a rendering resolution mode whilst you would seize to bustle the game at a lower-res and upscale for greater efficiency. There are handiest a pair of graphics settings, and none are very detailed: 

  • Shadows: Low/Medium/High/Off
  • Movement Blur: On/Off
  • Dynamic Reflections: On/Off
  • Ambient Occlusion: On/Off
  • Texture Good: Low/High
  • Attain Good: Low/High

Nioh 2 settings

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The framerate cap would not like an unlocked option, handiest 30/60/120. In overall I might well handle that right here is a limitation of how Nioh 2 turn out to be once programmed, with definite parts of the game, admire animations, tied to the framerate. However the PS4 Skilled offered an unlocked framerate mode that fluctuated from 30-60 fps or so—I don’t know why an unlocked option will not be on hand on PC.

There might be one extraordinary characteristic right here, which is toughen for Nvidia ShadowPlay Highlights. Turn this on, and Nioh 2 will robotically seize immediate video clips for you at definite moments. Weirdly, no subject getting it on and getting notifications that it had recorded clips, they place not seem like in my GeForce Abilities library. 

Nioh 2’s developers like neatly-known that a pair hundreds of alternate choices both don’t seem to be displaying yet, or don’t seem to be working properly in this preview fabricate: Nvidia DLSS, HDR, and ultrawide resolution toughen. Ultrawide and DLSS namely shall be colossal alternate choices to love, so I am hoping they’re working easily by February Fifth.

The relaxation: Sport alternate choices and PC quirks 

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Nioh 2 settings

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Nioh 2 settings

(Image credit: Koei Tecmo)

Inaugurate air the sparse graphics settings menu, Nioh 2 is bursting with alternate choices. Head to the frequent game settings menu and to boot you secure 5 pages of alternate choices, including what stats are displayed, what number of icons it is doubtless you’ll like on-show at once, how lock-on works, and whether the game mutes whenever you Alt-Tab out. It is an uncommon decision, and a welcome one.

There’s a total hundreds of settings menu for a particular set apart file where it is doubtless you’ll per chance tweak things admire pressing or preserving a button to originate a spread and what color every tier of loot is. It is doubtless you’ll per chance turn off notifications for receiving trash-tier loot and change particular particular person font sizes. It is ridiculously detailed, and I focus on most gamers will correct ignore these alternate choices. But each and every Nioh games were criticized for having technique too worthy loot, so it is a gratifying shock to be aware so many alternate choices right here dedicated to making it moderately much less unpleasant.

Nioh 2 at this time falls immediate with its mouse and keyboard toughen, however Koei Tecmo’s PR has told me that the factors I’ve bustle into must always be fixed sooner than liberate.

In the preview fabricate I played Nioh 2 does like M/KB bindings and the system to rebind keys… however it absolutely handiest shows PS4 button prompts in-game, which is shiny jarring. Many games this present day can easily switch between keyboard and controller prompts basically based on the final input they like. Touch the controller and to boot you secure controller buttons; touch the keyboard, and the A button turns into the Spacebar. But Nioh 2 would not even like a handbook toggle to point out it is doubtless you’ll per chance designate keyboard/mouse prompts.

Worse, it by no technique hides the mouse, so no subject whether you take half in with a controller or keyboard/mouse, the cursor stays caught within the guts of the show. It will jitter motivate and forth as you cross the digicam with the mouse, or correct sit down there motionless whilst you play with a controller. It is an ungainly facet enact of translating the game to PC, and I is presumably very pissed off to play the stout game this technique. Hopefully each and every flaws shall be long past by the liberate on February Fifth.

I might well soundless seize to be aware Nioh 2 offer an unlocked refresh fee and more detailed graphics alternate choices (including Xbox button prompts), however with those two glaring factors fixed this is able to per chance at the least be the unswerving-attempting model of Nioh 2 spherical, playable at as much as 120 fps.

One final tidbit: How cool is it that your customized created personality hangs out on the title show, carrying whatever armor you final had equipped? Now that’s a gorgeous trick.

Nioh 2

(Image credit: Koei Tecmo)

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