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Nicolas Cage’s subsequent movie is a blatant Five Nights at Freddy’s ripoff


An splendid Five Nights at Freddy’s movie became as soon as equipped the general contrivance relief in 2015, but it indubitably hasn’t made mighty progress yet. In 2018, FNAF creator Scott Cawthon said that finding a merely screenplay had been a “a loyal field.” Genuinely, he’d performed a script for the mission, but then made up our minds he didn’t love it, so he scrapped it and started over. In November 2020, on the other hand, he said he’d in the end attain up with something he cherished, and that filming would initiate in spring 2021.

But while Cawthon became as soon as being meticulous about getting it merely, Academy Award-suitable actor Nicolas Cage became as soon as getting issues done.

Willy's Wonderland

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Willy’s Wonderland stars Cage as The Janitor, a mysterious drifter who makes a deal to shapely a decrepit posthaste food joint in commerce for repairs to his car. The joint is shy—cursed—and Nic is supposed to be nothing more than the next human sacrifice. But he has a job to enact, and heavens befriend anybody, or anything, who gets in his contrivance.

There could be loads to soak up right here. Cage scowls, screams, and does his kinetic clap-and-level thing, but does not if truth be told protest a single discover. The Watchmen’s simplest, most popular line is blatantly swiped: “He is not trapped in right here with them—they’re trapped in right here with him!” And pointless to claim the general thing is a extraordinarily obvious, crimson-handed ripoff of Five Nights at Freddy’s, moreover a story of survival amidst a tacky restaurant overrun with possessed animatronics.

Willy’s Wonderland became as soon as equipped in 2019 but went largely disregarded, presumably thanks to the entirely unremarkable description: “Cage will play a janitor, forced to consume the night in a zigzag amusement park the set he is pulled into a living nightmare,” Deadline said at the time. “As the threatening animatronic characters attain to life, the janitor has to battle his contrivance from one monster to one other to outlive till morning and earn out of the park.”

All due admire to Cage—who, for the file, I procure incredibly intriguing—but his physique of work over the previous few years has been plentiful but not precisely a threat at any Golden Globes ceremonies. He’s had some cult hits love Mandy, however the synopsis for Willy’s Wonderland sounded love one other of the many low funds Cage actioners of the last decade (take into accout Jiu Jitsu? Potentially not.)

Now that we get a trailer, though, Willy’s Wonderland all accurate now stands out, every as a shameless ripoff and a spectacular share of fashionable-day grindhouse starring a one-time Hollywood heavyweight with legit appearing chops. I must gaze this movie.

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