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MSI is making a 7,000MB/s SSD for avid gamers



(Image credit: MSI)

MSI is going to open making SSDs. Mercurial SSDs at that. We’re speaking PCIe 4.0 NVMe drives that could hit be taught speeds of seven,000MB/s and writes of 6,900MB/s. For the time being the drives are most sensible seemingly acknowledged as MSI SSD, but this could with out a doubt commerce as we web closer to the originate, which is moreover unknown. Even if we enact know they’ll be on hand in capacities up to 4TB.

The announcement came at this twelve months’s CES where MSI moreover unveiled a wealth of laptops and graphics playing cards, at the side of the ultra-skinny, RTX 3060-toting MSI Stealth 15M

Nevertheless or no longer it’s miles the introduction of an SSD that in actual fact stands out, as this feels treasure or no longer it’s a exiguous bit outdoors of MSI’s wheelhouse. The truth that MSI is catering to the wants of avid gamers on the starting up could presumably bring it some novel views, despite the truth that in actual fact, rapid inexpensive drives are key here.

There don’t appear to be hundreds of diverse small print referring to the drives beyond the truth they exercise TLC flash memory and inquire to approach with a heatsink. MSI confirmed off two designs, which every possess the MSI dragon badge and loads of metallic fins to aid preserve the drives working chilly. 

There would not appear to be any RGB lighting on repeat, but you never know.

As for who MSI has prone for the flash memory and the controller, we will have to abet and inquire till we can peel the sticky label off an right overview unit, but these figures bring the Phison E18 controller to mind, which could even be demonstrate within the prominent Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus, which offers up the same throughput (overview coming rapidly). 

These figures are within the similar ballpark as the Kingston Ghost Tree SSD too, which used to be moreover announced at CES. One part’s for determined, it appears to be like to be treasure we’re about to web noteworthy more alternate choices for superb rapid SSDs… or no longer it’s no longer all Samsung you understand.

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