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Meet the designers at the relieve of Dungeons & Dragons’ most modern adventure anthology

The next e book published for Dungeons & Dragons will consist of the work of 19 different co-authors, extra than any incorporated in the Fifth version of the distinctive feature-taking part in video games. Titled Candlekeep Mysteries, the collection of 1-shot adventures highlights the form of the creators working in some unspecified time in the future of the alternate at the moment time. The e book doesn’t reach out except March 16, but it is probably you’ll presumably abilities those authors’ relieve catalogs at the moment time. You’ll uncover places savor the Dungeon Master’s Guild and are fats of original fresh protest to your diagram video games.

Polygon reached out to the full crew for extra recordsdata on their previous RPG work. Buy into sage this your introduction to some tabletop’s handiest independent voices, and a handbook to the establish to uncover their work on-line.

Alison Huang is an Australian author known for her contributions to the Uncaged Anthology and the RPG Author Workshop from Storytelling Collective, both which gained her ENnie awards in 2020. Her develop philosophy revolves around making protest irregular and/or subversive.

A headshot of Jennifer Kretchmer

Jennifer Kretchmer
Photo: James Vela

Jennifer Kretchmer is a producer, author, streamer, and performer who appears to be on D&D Beyond’s livestreamed tabletop gift Silver and Metallic; she’s the creator and government producer of Monsters & Fables, and she or he has moreover labored in front of or at the relieve of the camera on extra than a thousand episodes of television. A passionate advocate for accessibility for the disabled and increased inclusion in media, Jen is for the time being adapting pop musician Lights’ graphic unique Pores and skin&Earth for television.

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A headshot of Daniel Kwan

Daniel Kwan

Daniel Kwan is the producer and co-host of the Gold ENnie Award-a hit Asians Signify podcast — home of Dungeons & Da Asians, The Wrap Up, and the continuing Asians Read collection. Apart from Candlekeep Mysteries, Daniel just nowadays published Ross Rifles, a Powered by the Apocalypse hack about the trench violence and drama of the First World Battle.

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Graeme Barber is a armed forces extinct with a background in archaeology and commercial diving. He got his open up in the alternate doing considerable diagnosis of video games and their world-building. Since then he’s expanded into game develop, consultancy, and freelance writing.

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Sarah Madsen is a science fiction and legend author and tabletop feature-taking part in game fashion designer who has written for firms savor Wizards of the Soar, Kobold Press, and Cubicle 7. Her cyberpunky metropolis legend unique, Weaver’s Folly, is out with Falstaff Books in February 2021.

Dungeon Master’s Guild | Kobold Press

A headshot of Michael Polkinghorn with a microphone.

Michael Polkinghorn

Michael Polkinghorn started taking part in D&D and different feature-taking part in video games relieve in 1979 and has been active off and on ever since. Most just nowadays he has been the author and Dungeon Master for the Relic of the Previous podcast.


A headshot of Kienna Shaw.

Kienna Shaw

Kienna Shaw is a tabletop feature-taking part in game fashion designer, streamer, and storyteller. She has freelance credit rating in numerous indie game merchandise and a catalog of self-published video games, co-produces Salty Sweet Games (a channel for both TTRPGs and video video games), and co-curated the TTRPG Safety Toolkit.

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Brandes Stoddard is a freelance author and a dwell-at-home dad. He’s beforehand labored for Wizards of the Soar, Pegasus Spiele, Atomic Overmind, Tribality Publishing, Blue Devil Games (for the ENnie-nominated Dawning Massive title line), and different publishers.

DriveThruRPG | Tribality

Hannah Rose is a freelance editor, author, and game fashion designer who loves every form of legend storytelling. She lives in Seattle with her associate James and their two feline familiars. She is a co-author and developmental editor on Candlekeep Mysteries.

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Amy Vorpahl is a comedy actor, author, gamer and host. It’s probably you’ll presumably uncover her on presentations savor The Newsroom and The Mindy Project and on-line with Nerdist, College Humor, and The Guild. Sooner than working with Wizards she published two different adventures and filled out a complete YouTube channel.

Dungeon in a Box

A headshot of Derek Ruiz

Derek Ruiz
Photo: Derek Ruiz

Derek Ruiz is a Mexican adventure fashion designer and cartography illustrator. He enjoys developing fantastic places and interesting plots for his video games, and has been a longtime Dungeon Master.