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Lederhosen Luigi is the wurst unique addition to Mario Kart Tour


I in truth like no longer performed Mario Kart Tour but, but Nintendo has in the end added a characteristic that has fully overjoyed me to play. You also can now dash in a scorching canine kart. You also can survey the unique canine kart — which Lederhosen Luigi is dutifully driving — within the image above. Naturally, Luigi is also conserving a toasted weenie while driving his unique kart. Is that no longer the wurst thing you’ve viewed all day? Two hands on the wheel, bud!

The “Mercurial Frank” kart (moreover to Luigi’s unique ’fit) is section of Mario Kart Tour’s unique residence: Berlin. Observe, now all of it makes sense. The Berlin Tour in Mario Kart Tour is straight away available now through Jan. 26.

Builder Luigi (left), Classic Luigi (middle), and Penguin Luigi (right)

Image: Nintendo

Beyond the German-inspired items, gamers could also dash within the “Butterfly Wings” glider, and, in week two, dash as Penguin Luigi, Builder Luigi, or peculiar ol’ traditional Luigi. There are unique automobile items, too: Sushi Racer kart and the Blooper Wingtip glider. But these other costumes and karts mean nothing to me — I’m ready for all scorching canine, the total time.

Mario Kart Tour was as soon as released in September 2019 for Android and iOS devices. Staunch-time multiplayer was as soon as formally added to the mobile kart racing sport in March 2020. An replace the next July added panorama mode — now gamers aren’t forced to play in portrait mode.

Are you able to imagine of the relaxation higher than winning a dash as Penguin Luigi driving in a scorching canine kart? I will’t.