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Indie Studio NOWWA Accuses Apex Legends Of “Ripping Off” One Of Its Characters

Fuse - Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment and EA, developer and publisher within the motivate of the popular battle royale Apex Legends, bask in been accused of ripping off a persona from upcoming indie shooter, BulletVille.

Apex Legends, which could well be launching on Change as soon as next month, is decided to introduce novel persona Fuse as allotment of its eighth season on 2nd February. NOWWA, the crew within the motivate of BulletVille, says that it has found the persona to be “moderately familiar”, noting his “eyepatch, biker attire, skull belt, mechanical arm, moustache, belt of grenades, gloves, necklace, vest jacket with round symbol on the motivate, leg holsters, pink/grey coloration scheme, and attribute grey stripe of hair.”

The crew aspects out that Hunter, a persona from BulletVille, has been public for practically two years, and that Apex Legends’ Fuse “appears to be like to part an excessive amount of similarities” with its possess create. The accusations tear further, as NOWWA explains that BulletVille playtests had been held with EA in October and November 2020 – something it says “reinforces the view of a seemingly ‘inspiration’.”

NOWWA shared the next statement on the matter to Nintendo Lifestyles, attaching a image of the 2 characters aspect-by-aspect:

“We’re relaxed that the Apex Legends crew beloved Hunter’s fashion to the point of looking for to recreate it in Apex Legends – we had been even hoping for an eventual crossover! Alternatively, we are unnerved that, as a limited indie recreation producer whose recreation hasn’t been launched but, we’ll be known as a ripoff of Apex Legends, which is unquestionably no longer brilliant.”

On the left, BulletVille's Hunter; on the right, Apex Legends' Fuse
On the left, BulletVille’s Hunter; on the good, Apex Legends’ Fuse

“Hunter can count on two weapons: a pistol and rocket launcher. Wager what Fuse’s final means is?” NOWWA says. “A rocket launcher.”

We’ve reached out to EA’s Apex Legends PR crew for comment and will update this narrative if we derive a response.