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HighFleet is a futuristic motion-approach game about huge airborne ships

A screenshot of action-strategy game HighFleet.

I esteem the interfaces in complicated navy simulations. Tiny bulbs, limited switches hidden at the wait on of flaps, fuzzy polygons bleeping on a low-res display. I don’t genuinely must pilot proper navy autos, nonetheless, so HighFleet appeals to me a massive deal. It’s received the comely of a navy sim, nonetheless it’s zigzag in direction of a physicsy, motion-approach game about piloting tall flying boats above a “mysterious future Earth”. There’s a trailer and rough inaugurate date under.

The trailer understandably makes a speciality of the tall, airborne explosions as these hulking jets cessation battle, but there are a bunch more screenshots over on its Steam web exclaim that uncover off its menus. The game isn’t shimmering about fight, but exploring territory, conducting acts of diplomacy with factions you meet, and gathering sources with which to manufacture and alter your hasty. These are some of my favorite issues.

I’d been following HighFleet’s construction for a whereas by intention of Twitter GIFs, because it’s the work of Konstantin Koshutin, a construction duo beforehand identified for Hammerfight, 2009’s within the same kind physicsy dogfighter. HighFleet has a entire recent flavour and a apparently all-recent strategic layer.

It’s also, curiously, being printed by the revived MicroProse. MicroProse were once the kings of simulation and approach video games, publishing the entire lot from Civilization to Railroad Tycoon to X-COM: UFO Defense to F-19 Stealth Fighter. A chain of acquisitions at closing seen the title and firm go, nonetheless it become once revived a couple of years within the past by a brand recent community led by a dilapidated Bohemmia Interactive developer. Hmm!

HighFleet is due for inaugurate in “Q2 2021”, and there’s more ingredient and GIFs on its devoted situation