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Handiest gaming mouse 2021: the tip wired and wi-fi gaming mice

Procuring basically the most straightforward gaming mouse for you and your budget will also be mighty when there are so many varied mice to purchase from, however I’m right here to assist. I’ve examined dozens of gaming mice over the years, and I’ve listed of all my high gaming mouse ideas comely right here in a single helpful checklist, covering the total lot from entry-degree gaming mice that are sizable for these on a budget to the very easiest wi-fi mice. Whatever you’re shopping for, we’ve got a gaming mouse eliminate for you.

Pointless to direct, it will peaceable lope with out announcing that there’s no ‘one easiest gaming mouse’ to rule them all. In spite of the total lot, while the majority of of us are comely-handed mouse customers, there are loads of left-handed gamers available moreover. Fingers are also available in all forms of diverse sizes, and we all acquire our own preferences when it involves weight, too. In my opinion, I desire ultralight gaming mice on myth of I’ve got diminutive hands, however I know there are loads of of us on the RPS team who like bigger, chunkier gaming mice as a change.

I’ve tried to duvet all bases in our easiest gaming mouse checklist, however this is a lot from a definitive rating. This can trade over time as I win fresh gaming mice in for testing, or older devices lope stop of life. It’s constantly evolving, however what received’t trade is my testing criteria. When I win a fresh gaming mouse in for evaluate, I prioritise comfort and ease of snort – which formula all of its buttons must be nearby and simple to direct apart by contact – and what number of customisation alternate choices it has so you may per chance tune and tweak your mouse exactly the trend you need it.

The total gaming mice I’ve picked out below meet these criteria in spades, and you’re going to read more about them by clicking the hyperlinks below.

Handiest gaming mouse 2020

Roccat Kain 120

Basically the most productive gaming mouse overall

Roccat Kain 120

The Roccat Kain 120 is largely one of many most adorable and easiest gaming mice I’ve aged in ages. No longer finest does it feel soft and soft to the contact on myth of of Roccat’s fresh anti-wear coating, however the Titan Switches sitting below its comely and left click on buttons are also like a flash, company and tremendous precise.

It’s a luminous mouse to make snort of for gaming and day after day initiatives alike, and its central DPI button affords you five diverse speeds to purchase from. You furthermore mght win six programmable buttons with it, too – or eight if you encompass the up and down scroll functions – however on myth of of Roccat’s Easy Shift+ feature, each and every button may per chance also assist a second button project moreover, which technically affords you a total of 16 diverse instructions overall. Its 89g chassis is terribly lightweight moreover, and its comely-handed make is pleased for all forms of grip kinds, making this a truly racy mouse to beat.

Sadly, the wi-fi Kain 200 doesn’t moderately dwell as a lot as the same high requirements because the Kain 120, so persist with the wired model in space of selecting its cable-less counterpart.

Logitech G203

Basically the most productive gaming mouse on a budget

Logitech G203 Lightsync

There are hundreds of budget gaming mice to purchase from in this day and age, however the Logitech G203 Lightsync is by a ways basically the most straightforward of the bunch. Its device quality is a lot better than its equally priced rivals, such because the HyperX Pulsefire Core and Steelseries Rival 110, and it also has a more responsive sensor, too. That’s why it’s right now my gaming mouse of desire in our £1000 RPS Rig device.

It’s moderately diminutive, which is perfect for my spindly fingers, however it’s also exceedingly light, making it feel lovely and soft to pass spherical your mouse mat. I don’t acquire the leisure against better mice, however they’ll also be more of a chore to pass like a flash.

The G203 also has two additional side-buttons on the left hand side of the mouse, which is in a attach to be programmed to attain all forms of diverse functions. These encompass keyboard buttons, macros and media controls, and a dedicated DPI snatch / sniper button that lowers the mouse’s elope to no matter surroundings you adore for as lengthy as you assist it down – helpful, if you’re into on-line competitive shooter games.

Logitech G Expert Wireless / Logitech G Expert X Superlight

Basically the most productive wi-fi gaming mouse

Logitech G Pro Wireless

The Logitech G Expert Wireless is hands down basically the most straightforward wi-fi gaming mouse I’ve ever examined. It’s costly, yes, however wi-fi mice on the total are, and this if truth be told is absolutely the cream of the cleave. It’s wonderfully agile and tremendous cosy to make snort of, and weighs an almost impossibly light 80g. That’s almost unheard of in wi-fi gaming mouse circles, and if you mix that featherlight nothingness with Logitech’s tremendous like a flash Lightspeed wi-fi tech and its luminous Hero 16Okay sensor, the Expert Wireless surely justifies its high value.

It could perhaps probably per chance perhaps no longer acquire a central DPI button like each and every other gaming mouse on the earth (it’s with out a doubt on the underside of the mouse, for some incomprehensible motive), however Logitech’s intuitive Gaming Instrument instrument affords you loads of flexibility when it involves customising its varied buttons to swimsuit your gaming habits. Whether you’re comely or left-handed, you’ve got hundreds of alternate choices right here, alongside with being in a attach to trade your DPI or sensitivity surroundings on the cruise for as lengthy as you assist down your chosen button.

The Expert Wireless is also if truth be told one of basically the most tasteful gaming mice I’ve ever seen. Its soft, straightforward curves are accented by a single zone of RGB lighting over its G label on the rear of the mouse, and that’s it. No longer jaunty angles, no vivid prospers; comely appropriate aged-customary make that doesn’t manufacture you’ll want to blush with embarrassment on every occasion one more human being claps eyes on it.

And if all that wasn’t enough, Logitech acquire also no longer too lengthy in the past released an very just appropriate lighter mannequin in the trend of the G Expert X Superlight, which weighs an very just appropriate more featherweight 63g. It’s a phenomenal mouse, and it with out a doubt improves on the older G Expert Wireless moderately loads, removing that bottom-facing DPI button and rising its sensor vary to 25,000 DPI. It’s a fraction more at £130 / $150, however it’s each and every bit as lovely.

Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless

Basically the most productive budget wi-fi gaming mouse

Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless

If the worth of the Logitech G Expert Wireless gave you a fear, then you’ll be entirely pleased to hear that the tremendous Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless is will also be had for no longer as a lot as half of that quantity. Here is an absolute resolve for these after an life like wi-fi gaming mouse, and on myth of of Corsair’s tremendous like a flash Slipstream wi-fi technology, the Harpoon RGB Wireless feels comely as nippy as its Logitech rival, making it sizable for gaming and total desktop responsibilities alike.

The Harpoon Wireless has constructed-in low latency Bluetooth enhance moreover, comely if you’ve got one too many 2.4GHz wi-fi devices getting into into the kind of issues, however even in my many wi-fi system-ridden dwelling it labored like an absolute dream.

Why is the Logitech G Expert Wireless peaceable our easiest wi-fi mouse, then? Effectively, the Corsair’s battery life isn’t moderately as appropriate because the Logitech’s, it’s a bit heavier, and it also doesn’t acquire as many programmable buttons. Quiet, there’s loads to like right here moreover all that, and you’ll be racy-pushed to search out a more responsive mouse for less.

Corsair Ironclaw RGB

Basically the most productive gaming mouse for substantial hands

Corsair Ironclaw RGB

For these after a sizable mouse that doesn’t atomize the financial institution and affords hundreds of additional facets, it merely doesn’t win exceptional better than the Corsair Ironclaw RGB. No longer finest is its gargantuan, contoured shape tremendous pleased to make snort of over lessons of time, however its weight of 105g and responsive sensor manufacture it lovely and like a flash in the hand, too.

Obvious, the speed of RGB lighting received’t be for everyone (although you may per chance constantly turn it off the utilization of Corsair’s iCUE instrument), however it’s exceptional better-taking a see than the racy, ‘gamery’ edges and matt / gloss combo make of the equally-priced Logitech G502 Hero (and conventional G502, by extension – which I also moderately most fresh, for the parable).

The Ironclaw RGB also affords more performance than the mildly equally unassuming Steelseries Rival 310. The Rival 310 is peaceable a sizable desire for these taking a see to preserve up prices down (as is the equivalent Sensei 310 if you’re shopping for a low-rate ambidextrous mouse), however the Ironclaw does exceptional more with that additional tenner, equivalent to giving you an additional DPI or sensitivity profile to play with, a braided USB cable, seven programmable buttons in space of six, and the flexibility to mumble a trend of buttons true into a ‘sniper’ button for on-the-cruise DPI adjustments to come up with better lift watch over when lining up photos in FPS games. All in all, it’s a sizable rate mouse.

Dazzling Mannequin O / Dazzling Mannequin D

Basically the most productive gaming mouse for diminutive hands

Glorious Model O-

The Dazzling Mannequin O- (that’s a ‘minus’, no longer a speed, by the trend) and Mannequin D are a fully phenomenal pair of gaming mice. Weighing a mere 58g and 68g apiece, these mice are comely lightweight wonders.

Dazzling acquire loads of sizable ultralight gaming mice for diminutive hands, however my favourites are their symmetrical Dazzling Mannequin O- and comely-handed Mannequin D. Each are fully luminous. They’re comely so effortless to pass spherical my mouse mat, making them the best fit for any person with diminutive hands like myself. I’m also a little bit in love with the delectable locks of Dazzling’ bearded label man on the side, too. Ooof.

Don’t be delay by their many, many hexagon holes, either. Certain, they detect just like the best gunk traps for mud, hair, crisps and no matter else would be lurking on your desk, however if truth be told, I’ve yet to witness any device-up on my Mannequin O- or Mannequin D, and that’s after loads of weeks on my desk with two cats poking spherical it.

As a change, I’m too busy enjoying their wonderfully light and pleased chassis, and admiring their lustrous RGB lighting. I’m no longer usually that into having an RGB lightshow on my mice, however I’m with out a doubt moderately impressed by how exceptional the Mannequin O- and Mannequin D lope to metropolis with it. I don’t mediate I’ve ever been more in dismay of a mouse’s commitment to turning true into a stout-blown radioactive Skittle, and it’s yet another reasons why I admire it so exceptional.

Whenever you happen to with out a doubt can’t stand the Mannequin O- or Mannequin D’s RGB lighting or their holey chassis, although, then your subsequent easiest bets are the Roccat Kone Pure Owl-Note or the Asus TUF Gaming M5.

Razer Naga Trinity

Basically the most productive MMO gaming mouse

Razer Naga Trinity

Attributable to its interchangeable side panels, the Razer Naga Trinity is effectively three gaming mice in a single, giving you as a lot as 19 diverse buttons to play with relying on your play trend. It’s the final ‘attain-it-all’ gaming mouse, letting you switch your hand from a high-notch FPS mouse to a many buttoned MMO mouse in a flash.

The fundamental side panel affords you a customary two additional buttons, while the second and third start piling them on like no person’s industrial, giving as a lot as 19 in complete. These will no question become handy if you’re a appealing MMO or MOBA particular person that likes having dozens of macro instructions at your disposal, however although you’re no longer there are loads of other assets you may per chance perhaps perhaps snort them for moreover, equivalent to each and every media lift watch over below the sun, or a barrage of keyboard shortcuts.

You furthermore mght win a desire of five DPI profiles on its central button below the scroll wheel, however this can with out grief be remapped to one more particular person that’s more uncomplicated to attain if you download Razer’s Synapse instrument. I critically like that you just have got the likelihood of being in a attach to trade your DPI on the cruise, too, permitting you to win assist to the motion sooner with out the faff of attending to press one more button. As a change, you may per chance merely assist one down to gradual issues down, after which let lope all once more if you’ll want to return to customary elope. There are, admittedly, loads of cheaper mice which acquire dedicated ‘sniper’ buttons for this device of part, such because the Asus ROG Gladius II and the Logitech G502 Hero, however no no longer as a lot as right here you acquire the likelihood to assigning this characteristic to any button you adore.

Razer Viper

Basically the most productive ambidextrous gaming mouse

Razer Viper

The Razer Viper is an tremendous ambidextrous gaming mouse – critically now it’s more rate efficient than it aged to be. Beforehand, I suggested the Asus ROG Pugio moreover to the Viper attributable to their wildly diverse prices in the UK and US, however with Pugio inventory phases getting decrease and decrease and prices going better and better for that reason, it’s now nowhere attain as appropriate rate as its Razer rival.

Moreover, the Viper has a exceptional more tasteful make than the Pugio, and its two fundamental clicker buttons feel more responsive, too. Plus, the Viper is absurdly light, coming in at comely 69g. This kind it’s tremendous straightforward to swish spherical your mouse mat, and never becomes a tear if you’re playing games for lengthy lessons of time. Razer’s Synapse 3 instrument affords you hundreds of customisation alternate choices, too. It comes at a cost, however for the final in luxurious ambidextrous gaming mice, the Razer Viper is a tricky act to beat.

Logitech G502 Hero

The RPS readers’ favourite gaming mouse

Logitech G502

Once we requested you what’s your favourite gaming mouse of all time, the consequence change into once almost unanimous. It confronted some stiff rivals from Razer’s Deathadder, however it change into once the Logitech G502 that in the end emerged triumphant.

The G502 Proteus Spectrum, to provide it its stout and just title, is an tremendous mouse, and Logitech acquire since made an very just appropriate more moderen, fancier model of it called the G502 Hero. The Proteus Spectrum is terribly mighty to win assist of in this day and age, however the Hero is effectively the very same mouse, comely with a faster, more as a lot as this point sensor.

Indeed, the G502 Hero has the very same make because the Proteus Spectrum, alongside with an equivalent 11 programmable buttons, and is derived with the same change of removable 3.6g weights that you just may per chance perhaps be add to the underside of the mouse to manufacture it lighter or heavier in the hand. It’s a luminous mouse, and it’s come down loads in value since I reviewed it too, making it a truly agreeable change to each and every other entry on our checklist.