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Hades fishing recordsdata: how does fishing work, and which fish are you able to spend?

Hades is packed with a long way extra remark than potentialities are you’ll presumably build a query to, even for a roguelite. There’s romance, there’s adorning, and – presumably most inviting of all – there’s a fishing minigame where you are going to be in a put to spend all forms of underwater underworld inhabitants and promote them for treasured items and resources.

Our Hades fishing recordsdata will tear you via guidelines on how to derive the Rod of Fishing and spend it to spend all forms of thoroughly different fish. Below you’ll also gain a full desk of every fish within the game, where to gain it, and your reward for catching every person.

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Easy guidelines on how to derive the Fishing Rod in Hades

Earlier than you are going to be in a put to launch fishing in Hades, you’ll comprise to remove the Rod of Fishing from the House Contractor, chanced on beside Hades’s throne within the House of Hades. It highest appears within the Contractor’s checklist if each and each the following standards are met:

  • You’ve reached the Temple of Styx (the fourth realm after Tartarus, Asphodel, and Elysium) no no longer up to as soon as.
  • You’ve purchased the Fated Checklist of Minor Prophecies from the House Contractor (for 20 Gems).

Once it appears, you are going to be in a put to remove the Rod of Fishing for 1 Diamond. Once purchased, you’ll like the Rod of Fishing eternally in that assign file, and can spend it at any time whilst you seek for a room with a fishing put for the length of 1 in all your runs.

How does fishing work?

Fishing spots will every so steadily seem on a Hades bustle as soon as you’ve purchased the Rod of Fishing. These Fishing Spots survey like incandescent spots in water or lava (reckoning on the realm you’re in). You might well presumably highest work in conjunction with a fishing put as soon as you’ve cleared the room of threats. There will be an audible “ding” sound that might well warn you to the reality that you are going to be in a put to now fish at a fishing put someplace within the room.

To launch fishing, tear up to the fishing put and work in conjunction with it.

A screenshot of Zagreus fishing in the Chaos realm of Hades.

Look the bobber as soon as you’ve thrown it within the water. It might well presumably merely “unfaithful” bob up to thrice sooner than catching something. Once a fish is caught, the bobber will thoroughly submerge for a 2d, and also you’ll hear a louder and fuller splash. Once this happens, faucet the work together button as rapidly as you are going to be in a put to, ensuing from your reaction bustle determines your potentialities of catching a normal, uncommon, or legendary fish – or nothing at all:

  • 0-340 ms – guaranteed uncommon, 50% chance of legendary.
  • 340-680 ms – guaranteed spend, 50% chance of uncommon.
  • 680+ ms – no spend.

Undergo in mind that fishing spots seem sporadically during a bustle. They’ll highest seem in rooms which comprise water someplace within Zagreus’s reach; and as soon as you’ve seen a fishing put, you received’t seek for one more one for no no longer up to 10 chambers (5 as soon as you happen to’re in Chaos), or no no longer up to except the high of essentially the latest realm.

Plump checklist of fish & trade rewards

The highest thing you are going to be in a put to construct with a fish after you’ve caught it is miles trade it with the Head Chef on the House of Hades after your bustle finishes. At the same time as you happen to neglect, then your caught fish will persist as soon as, however after you neglect twice, they’ll be misplaced eternally.

Below is a full desk of every fish you are going to be in a put to spend in every realm of Hades, and what it is miles worth for trade with the Head Chef:

Name Realm Rarity Reward
Hellfish Tartarus Frequent 5 Gems
Knucklehead Tartarus Uncommon 20 Gems
Scyllascion Tartarus Legendary 30 Gems
Slavug Asphodel Frequent 1 Key
Chrustacean Asphodel Uncommon 3 Keys
Flameater Asphodel Legendary 5 Keys
Chlam Elysium Frequent 1 Nectar
Charp Elysium Uncommon 2 Nectar
Seamare Elysium Legendary 3 Nectar
Gupp Styx Frequent 20 Gems
Scuffer Styx Uncommon 40 Gems
Stonewhal Styx Legendary 150 Gems
Mati Chaos Frequent 100 Darkness
Projelly Chaos Uncommon 250 Darkness
Voidskate Chaos Legendary 500 Darkness
Trout Surface Frequent 1 Diamond
Bass Surface Uncommon 1 Ambrosia
Sturgeon Surface Legendary 1 Titan Blood

That’s every little thing there is to grab about fishing in Hades. At the same time as you’re here, why no longer brush up in your recordsdata of the finest Hades Boons and Hades Keepsakes to spend from for every unique destroy out strive?