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Gabe Newell Says Valve Has Extra Video games in Building, Ready to Be Introduced

In an interview with New Zealand’s 1 News, Valve boss Gabe Newell has mentioned that just a few games are in pattern on the studio, and are waiting to be announced.The Valve co-founder has been staying in New Zealand in some unspecified time in the future of the COVID-19 pandemic after taking a vacation there following the delivery of Half of-Life: Alyx.

“We for sure bear games in pattern that we’re going to be announcing — or no longer it is relaxing to ship games,” Newell mentioned when requested about future games popping out of Valve. Valve has developed – and which skill that of this reality cancelled – a lot of games within the past (together with several versions of Half of-Life 3). The reality that Newell namely says these fresh games shall be announced suggests a shift from the firm’s fresh historical past of being reticent to delivery fresh machine.Newell also spoke relating to the process of growing Half of-Life: Alyx, and Valve’s return to single-player: “Alyx used to be big — to be encourage doing single-player games, that created deal of momentum within the firm to attain extra of that.”

Comprise you played Half of-Life: Alyx?

Newell’s comments also suggest that the studio is energised and alive to to work on extra single-player titles, which is nice brooding relating to the residing of Half of-Life: Alyx. It skill that we may per chance watch extra of Gordon Freeman (or hell, presumably even Chell?) within the long bustle. That tallies along with his Half of-Life: Alyx’s builders’ comments after the game arrived, with bigger than one telling IGN that the crew desired to work on extra Half of-Life games now that Alyx used to be full.

Famously, Valve published Half of-Life: Alyx in November 2019 and then launched it in March of 2020. Newell’s explanation that Valve is “going to be announcing” these games may per chance suggest that we may per chance even hear about them quickly. In less certain Valve files, The European Price lately issued the firm with a shiny over alleged “geo-blockading”.

Jordan Oloman is a freelance author for IGN. Note him on Twitter.

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