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Full the Resident Hideous Village Maiden Demo

Escape the Dungeon

Video Walkthrough

You are going to start the demo in a dimly lit dungeon cell. A locked gate stands sooner than you, and basically the easiest other issues within the room are a low bench with some nasty food, a barrel, and a bathroom.

Turn to face reverse the locked cell door, and also possibilities are you’ll pickle a lacking brick within the wall with a crumpled up expose left within the back of. Diagram close up the Scrap of Paper and open up your inventory (triangle) to leer and browse the two pages of notes. You are going to assemble a tough belief of an gather away thought, nevertheless there might perhaps be aloof rather a lot to determine.

With the cell door locked, crouch down as an different, and peer below the bench to hunt out a diminutive passage possibilities are you’ll scramble below into the adjoining cell. It’s as bare because the outdated cell, nevertheless fortuitously, the door is unlocked.

Leaving the cell within the back of, possibilities are you’ll extinguish up in a prolonged darkish hall lined with extra cells, and a bunch of particles to your left. As soon as you will must bear, possibilities are you’ll take a look at the cell reverse the one you escaped to hunt out it lined with shelves, a creepy looking out portrait, and a expose about medication for farm animals. There sure originate no longer appear to be many animals down here…


Quickly down the hall, possibilities are you’ll pickle just a few placing issues in sacks. The left cell affords nothing of use, and the one on the good is locked with chains – battling entry.

Defend consuming ahead, and expose the next cell on the good has a needless girl subsequent to a table beefy of torture devices. Within the nook, scrawled in blood, are the phrases “abet me brother”. On the left, what’s left of a person hangs in one other padlocked cell.

As soon as you reach the tip of the hall, possibilities are you’ll earn a sealed wooden door with a post subsequent to it that’s locked and requires some kind of key. See it, and also you’re going to hear some commotion near from backtrack the hall.

Advance cautiously backtrack the dark hall, and peer into the room with the needless girl to hunt out her slumped over with something protruding of her back. See the physique and retrieve the Scramble Cutters, an item that will even be extinct to open particular locked cells.

For a frightful discover about, possibilities are you’ll open up the reverse cell the utilization of the Scramble Cutters to ogle the hanged man, otherwise, head down the hall to hunt out basically the easiest other locked door with a series possibilities are you’ll open the utilization of those Scramble Cutters (see for falling objects!).

This room houses many extra torture devices – plus a bucket beefy of blood. The scrap of paper back to your cell mentioned discovering a key soaked in blood, so stick your hand in to explain a Lockpick – the instrument you’d like to flee this keep.

One other commotion will sound as you permit the cell – that near it’s time to assemble out of here. Head backtrack the hall (did the needless girl’s physique perfect transfer again?) and dodge the pounding on the walls on the left till you reach the box possibilities are you’ll now free as much as seek out a lever, and open the door to the next room.

The room is a little bit creepy, nevertheless fortuitously effectively lit. Circulate on by intention of and down the slim hall, past a wine cellar beefy of curiously leaking (and bumping) barrels into an even bigger room.

The expose you chanced on mentions that the door received’t provide support to reach freedom, nevertheless a steady source will. Shining this, circle spherical the table in this room (sorting out the food and fable player whenever you occur to will must bear) to the a long way side of the spherical room.

Crouch down here, and peer amongst the wall cupboards for a beam of sunshine coming out, and open it to hunt out a brand unique tunnel main out.

This room is transient and ends in a smooth wall – nevertheless there must be extra to the wine cellar than issues seem. Crouch down again and peer to the good of the needless dwell for a candle-lit crawlspace where a bloody brick is jutting out of the wall. Press it in, and the key door will be revealed, taking you up and out of the dungeon by formula of a ladder into the castle factual.

Make sure to intention close a peer at a expose on the left perfect past the door for a diary of a servant whose time at the castle presumably didn’t dwell on basically the most convenient of terms.

Escape the Fortress

After you drag by intention of the final cellars and up the ladder dripping down blood from a needless crow, possibilities are you’ll earn a gap within the wall ensuing in an ornate and stately room.

See the keep at your leisure, and expose the recurring looking out Necklace on the diminutive table within the center of the room, why no longer intention close it?

Leaving the horny room within the back of, head into a hallway main all the style down to a door backed by two statues – nevertheless it completely’s locked. As a substitute, you’re going to must show your attention to one other hall ensuing in a a little ajar door – one who a really massive figure passes by as you gather close…

On the opposite hand, consuming by intention of the door possibilities are you’ll earn no one spherical, and a massive two-legend lobby room with just a few balconies possibilities are you’ll peep the room below from. There might perhaps be even a path of blood ensuing within the a long way door on the bottom ground.

As you growth spherical the greater ground, assign in thoughts the creepy door with an even creepier face on it – a face that’s lacking an peek. You will be in a keep to leer it, nevertheless possibilities are you’ll be lacking the thing to discontinue its visage.

There might perhaps be no longer any longer great else of expose on the greater ground, so intention close the stairs all the style down to the room below. What appears to be like to be the entrance door is predictably locked, as is one other within reach door. Circulate across the room and verify to take a look at out the fireplace beefy of burning attire, and a expose on a much table about “candidates”. Then, apply the blood path into a brand unique room.

This diminutive eating room affords the cruelest of glimpses of the open air, nevertheless you proceed to must earn a mode out. The a long way door wants a declare key, so for now, peer spherical and ogle the room. There might perhaps be rather a lot of bottles of “Regina Rosie” wine, and within the a long way side of the table near the fireplace possibilities are you’ll pickle a unfamiliar red-tinted goblet. Angle the goblet whereas inspecting it to peer within, and also possibilities are you’ll earn a Maroon See Ring.

See this Maroon See Ring to your inventory to peer instantly at the peek, and leer it to detach it and yell the Maroon See – perfect the form of thing a declare creepy door face is lacking on the ground above.

Leaving the eating room, possibilities are you’ll perfect intention close a peep of a murky figure consuming up the stairs – valid towards the door you’d like to head into, obviously.

By the time you climb the stairs, the figure will be gone, and also possibilities are you’ll insert the Maroon See into the face to free up the creepy door into a brand unique room.

Yow will discover yourself in a effectively-lit wine room, so start looking out to hunt out something possibilities are you’ll use. Within the a long way side of the room, possibilities are you’ll take a look at a table condominium for an excerpt on the wine-making accomplished at this unfamiliar castle.

Glance to the good of the expose for some cupboards near the ground, and open them to hunt out the Courtyard Key. It is time to assemble out of here….

As you start to tumble the stairs, a adverse sigh will start echoing – somebody has been watching you. It received’t be prolonged sooner than a swam of bugs drag alongside with the waft down between you and the door to freedom and a lady materializes to assault you. She’ll intention close a piece out of your neck, nevertheless possibilities are you’ll be no longer needless yet! Bustle past her into the eating room sooner than she can carry out the job, or you’re going to must replay the castle fragment!

Bustle by intention of the eating room and rapid use the Courtyard Key on the a long way door to manufacture your repeat for freedom – that is till you meet the Lady Dimitrescu. This is able to perhaps heed the tip for you – and for the Maiden Demo. Congratulations!