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Figment 2 launches a free prologue chapter with a musical boss fight

Figment 2: Creed Valley is the sequel to the whimsical and musical plod about tackling the doubts and insecurities interior the human mind. It sounds grim, but used to be it appears rather lighthearted which means that of its shining, track-crammed world. The sequel has now offered its plans to commence this year. Higher yet though, it’s doubtless you’ll perhaps attempt it out this day within the free prologue chapter that Bedtime Digital Video games have printed this day.

As with the distinctive, Figment 2 is made up our minds interior the human noggin. “Nightmares are spreading chaos and enemies have overrun as soon as-restful lands,” Bedtime Digital narrate. “Be half of Dusty, The Mind’s braveness, as you fabricate your means thru puzzles, musical boss fights and strange environments.”

The prologue is exact a transient intro to the sport, they narrate, in which you’ll fight towards the Unlit Hog, representing the terror of the shadowy, in a musical showdown. It appears every difficulty has its dangle theme track that you just’ll have to bob and weave your means thru on a showdown stage.

Becoming, as Adam Smith (RPS in devices) loved the distinctive Figment despite his odd distaste for puzzles, in particular praising the musicality of its world. “The isometric world is comely but it’s the means the scenery comes alive as you explore that in actuality makes it shine. Relating to the total substances that fabricate up the realm jump or sway and launch to add to the soundtrack as you means them. It’s a dynamic rating that is visualised within the realm because it plays, and I like it.”

I popped within the prologue for a attempt myself and it is certainly rather adorable, taking off with that promised musical world of rain losing to the beat. The intro bits are a pair tiny plod game fashion puzzles that strike a cord in me of the Freddi Fish and Putt Putt fare of my childhood.

You would perhaps well well give the prologue a wobble over on Steam. The pudgy game will be over on its dangle Steam page when it launches within the future in 2021. Bedtime Digital haven’t specified a date, but its retailer page mentions early 2021.