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EKWB launches a golden liquid cooler for users ‘who need their PCs to sparkle’

EK-AIO Elite Aurum 360 D-RGB

(Image credit rating: EKWB)

I function no longer know if Parker Schnabel reads PC Gamer, but when he does, I if truth be told have a message for him—we found your cooler. EKWB unveiled a pair of all-in-one cooling solutions this week, if truth be told one of which is the Particular Edition EK-AIO Elite Aurum for gold enthusiasts. Nicely, form of.

That is mainly a golden model of the humble EK-AIO Elite with a modern pump cloak. It is rarely if truth be told made of actual gold, even though (that would have been tacky, shiny?), and as every other sports activities a gold-take care of nickel raise out “whenever you wish their PCs to sparkle,” EKWB says.

The identical modern, gold-take care of nickel raise out additionally applies to the diamond nick rotary fittings. For the the rest of the PC, it be up to you to function the cooler’s golden theme mix in, take care of pairing it with a kit of G.Skill Trident Z Royal RAM and dialing up the RGB lighting fixtures. Bonus substances in case your PC rocks a vitality provide unit with 80 Plus Gold certification.

Being an all-in-one liquid cooler, there is now not any such thing as a assembly or repairs required, start air of total housekeeping chores (take care of blasting out the dust bunnies every so on the whole). It comes with six EK-Vardar S high-static PWM followers (120mm) with RGB lighting fixtures. They are supposed to be put in on every aspect of the radiator to originate a push-pull configuration, but when doing so ability the cooler is simply too fat to suit internal your PC, EKWB says every other possibility to set up three of the followers on the case itself.

EKWB gold AIO Elite Aurum cooler fitted within case

(Image credit rating: EK)

A multi-connection cable hub is additionally integrated. It provides up seven sets of addressable RGB lighting fixtures headers and 4-pin PWM headers. EKWB elected no longer to provide the hub a golden makeover, but in most cases, this will seemingly sit out of mediate in the assist of the motherboard tray anyway.

The EK-AIO Elite Aurum is accessible to preorder for $230 (gold doubloons no longer favorite) and is anticipated to ship out early next month.

On the alternative live of the spectrum, EKWB additionally launched the EK-AIO Overall, which is exactly because it sounds—a total all-in-one liquid cooler with out the bling. As a replacement of a golden look, it retains thing minimalistic with a dim brushed “aluminum-take care of” pump cloak and dim followers (no RGB lighting fixtures).

There are two variations, one with a 240mm radiator ($90) and one with a 360mm radiator ($120), every of which are accessible now.

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