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EA is peaceable making Star Wars games, with ‘a collection of projects’ ahead


Star Wars: Squadrons

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

The resurrection of the Lucasfilm Games label as “the legitimate identification for all gaming titles from Lucasfilm” left us with some questions, now not least amongst them being what it intended for Disney’s uncommon Star Wars take care of Electronic Arts. That is now not as a result of expire until 2023, however there used to be no overlooking the absence of any mention of EA in the announcement.

The seek recordsdata from of EA’s Star Wars enlighten of affairs used to be clarified a small of nowadays—satirically, in the recordsdata that Ubisoft is engaged on a new originate-world Star Wars game. The skills of exclusivity is clearly over, however Lucasfilm Games vice-president Douglas Reilly advised that Electronic Arts will continue to make Star Wars games, too.

“We’re in actual fact proud of the games now we win created with EA,” Reilly acknowledged. “We can continue working with them and our relationship has by no device been stronger. Whereas we also can now not win comparatively a ramification of itsy-bitsy print to fragment for the time being, we’ve got a collection of projects underway with the talented groups at EA.”

Just a few hours after the Ubisoft announcement, EA furthermore recommitted to the gathering and its Lucasfilm partnership:

✅ We treasure Star Wars. ✅ We stop up for continuing our partnership with Lucasfilm Games. ✅ We’re making extra Star Wars games.✅ BD-1 is peaceable the cutest.January 13, 2021

Between cancelled games, closed studios, and loot box blowups, EA’s Star Wars decade did now not creep as well to it might per chance perhaps perhaps perhaps win. It did in the end decide up its footing, though, with successes in conjunction with the Star Wars Battlefront games, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Disclose, and Star Wars: Squadrons. Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson acknowledged in June 2020 that the firm plans to “double down” on its Star Wars partnership going forward, in conjunction with that “Disney remains to be very very committed to the IP.”

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