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Destiny 2: Easy the device in which to win Hawkmoon with random rolls and the exotic catalyst

bird of prey destiny 2 harbinger quest

(Image credit: Bungie)

Ready for the Destiny 2 Harbinger quest? Hawkmoon used to be my favourite gun in Destiny 1, so I was stunning worried when Bungie announced a transformed version used to be coming to Destiny 2. However I needn’t were—the redux version of this exotic hand cannon is a monster, and loads higher in PvE than the recent, which used to be mostly successfully-known for its PvP prowess. Within the event you possess no longer bought it, here’s our recordsdata to earning the corrupt version of the Destiny 2 Hawkmoon exotic

I shriek corrupt version attributable to when Hawkmoon firstly dropped it had a missing perk with a request brand called Transformative that be taught: “Future drops of this weapon will possess random rolls.” Unless now we didn’t know liberate these enhanced rolls, however with the newest weekly reset the thriller is solved. Friend of PC Gamer Fallout Performs explaining win random rolled Hawkmoon drops, which I’ve embedded below, and imply the bid of.

For these of you with an aversion to transferring photos, my be pleased write-up is below. One observe of warning: The mission is lengthy and subtle, with enemies pegged at around 1270-1280 strength and several other destructive modifiers. There’s a triumph for finishing it solo, however I would imply going in with a fireteam on your first completion. So, here’s win the Destiny 2 Bird of Prey exotic quest and relieve you on your device to random Hawkmoon rolls and the exotic catalyst

Destiny 2 Harbinger and Bird of Prey quest steps

1. Relate over with The Crow

To launch the search head to The Crow’s place of work, which it is likely you’ll presumably presumably perchance presumably score positioned to the left of Spider on the Tangled Shore. Clutch up the Destiny 2 Bird of Prey exotic quest from him. Repeat that you just are going to obviously have to possess already unlocked Hawkmoon to discontinuance this.  

2. Open the Harbinger mission

The hunt tells you to focus on about with the EDZ, where the mission shall be marked on the arrangement. Apart from it wasn’t for me. Irrespective of. Ideal fly into Trostland (the landing level by Devrim Kay) and head for the shattered constructing with a brand that reads ABS Kastner to the handsome of spawn. You will are mindful about it be the handsome one attributable to there shall be a golden hawk perched on a beam. Soar up to the main ground, head in, and turn to your left.

bird of prey destiny 2

Here is the particular constructing. You procure to possess the ground above the elegant fowl. (Image credit: Bungie)

Yow will uncover a fireplace that can even both be blocked with rubble that wants shooting out or already be open. Head internal and on your left it is likely you’ll presumably presumably perchance presumably score a panel with a ‘Commence mission’ suggested.

Once it is likely you’ll presumably presumably perchance presumably also very successfully be in, note the path forward till you reach a tiring extinguish characteristic with pipes and wires above. On the handsome hand wall there is really an alcove. Step in and help going. Finally you are going to reach an open characteristic taking a look out over the dam. Welcome to the main leaping puzzle.

bird of prey destiny 2

The fireplace used to be already open when I bought there, however if it be blocked you wants so as to shoot the particles. (May perchance also wish to make bid of Hawkmoon for this.) (Image credit: Bungie)

3. Traverse the corrupt of the dam

Investigate cross-check that dam within the gap? It’s likely you’ll presumably presumably perchance presumably also have to plot your device over there and then clamber alongside and then up the side. It’s a ways rarely as arduous because it will also before everything seem, especially whenever you happen to note Fallout’s route within the video embedded further up this recordsdata. First waste the Hobgoblin sniper, then hop all over. Then look down on the lengthy branch protruding an attitude. Soar down to that and then plot a sufficient soar all over to the decrease lip of the dam.

destiny 2 harbinger quest

The toughest leap might perchance presumably presumably very successfully be landing on this skinny bugger of a branch I’m aiming at here. (Image credit: Bungie)

From here it be a case of the bid of the stained inlets to growth alongside till you reach a portion where it is likely you’ll presumably presumably perchance presumably launch heading up. You’re searching for to score a plank protruding, below which is one other hole that it is likely you’ll presumably presumably perchance presumably enter, which takes you into the next portion.

4. Ruin the emissaries

Strive in opposition to time now. Compose your device into an characteristic with a pair of generators and elevated walkways. Here you are going to face a buttload of Taken, and procure to waste three Emissaries of Savathun. As I illustrious on the tip these are reasonably no longer easy, and likewise you are going to desire to possess a pair of bother ingredients lined because the Emissaries are all shielded—centurion (arc), wizard (void), and knight (photograph voltaic). After every has taken a piece of bother this might perchance retreat further into the advanced. In repeat to trace them down, you are going to have to demolish among the sad wibbly blights that is blocking off an entrance. 

It’s a ways simple sufficient to score them though, so handsome repeat the loop of bother boss, demolish blight, score and construct them off. Along the device in which additionally help an watch out for Paracausal feathers. You produce some from beating bosses, however others are scattered all around the mission. Once all three emissaries are tiring you are going to be given a suggested that reads ‘Apply the Hawk’. The device marker is a diminutive bit unhelpful here however head reduction to the main concourse, help searching for to score blights, and likewise it is likely you’ll presumably presumably perchance presumably score the next characteristic simply.

destiny 2 harbinger quest

Preserve an eagle watch out for bonus feathers.  (Image credit: Bungie)

5. Continue to exist

Here is where you open to in actuality want a fireteam to back. You’re within the open characteristic from the extinguish of the Lake of Shadows strike, and procure to fend off a pair of enemies, including more shielded centurions, wizards and captains. To plot issues a ways more disturbing, there are a few ‘Unstoppable’ champions, so make lope that to possess on the least one methodology of staggering these. The hobgoblin snipers will additionally light you up love the Macy’s Day parade given half of of project, so method close them out quick. Compose it through and a reward chest will spawn which accommodates…. Extra feathers. I’m jumpy we’re no longer carried out yet.  

destiny 2 bird of prey quest

I device it used to be over. It used to be no longer over. Warmind Cells helped me help this portion below management. (Image credit: Bungie)

6: Jumping Puzzle 2: Electric Boogaloo

Now we desire to ‘reach the shard’, which methodology taking a rush to during the EDZ’s spooky forest. In barely correct terms that functions one other spell of platforming. This portion is a reprise of The Hawk and the Crow leaping puzzle from the outdated quest to win the corrupt version, and again the route is shown in Fallout’s video. It’s stunning easy undoubtedly. Which is more than I will shriek for the final room. 

destiny 2 bird of prey quest

We’re on the dwelling stretch now. Hope you introduced your leaping boots. (Image credit: Bungie)

harbinger destiny 2

Extra feathers here. Caw! Caw! (Image credit: Bungie)

6: Continue to exist (again)

Finally you are going to reach a room with one other buttload of Taken. Off a bunch of them and in a roundabout device a sufficient fireplace-breathing knight will spawn. Enormous! When you’ve got got chipped his successfully being down sufficient he’ll rush immune, and several other smaller photograph voltaic-shielded knights will spawn in. The Destiny 2 Xenophage exotic is sufficient for putting these down, however you are going to additionally desire a void weapon as there are a ton of these shields, too.

There’s plenty going on in this strive in opposition to, so bid quilt judiciously. This would presumably presumably method close three stout bother phases to beat the boss, so are attempting and wait and see. Here’s a form of encounters where goblins shielding opponents from absurd ranges will possess you fully raging. I focus on from bitter expertise.

harbinger destiny 2

(Image credit: Bungie)

Once the boss is toast a chest will spawn, and this one will contain a shimmering recent Hawkmoon, complete with random perks. It’s likely you’ll presumably presumably perchance presumably also survey the full possibilities within the database. I’m going to be attempting to score a roll with Opening Shot and one other with Killing Wind. Per chance one with Surplus if I’m feeling racy.

You will additionally receive the exotic catalyst, which once achieved will enable you to generate Orbs of Energy on multikills. It additionally grants one other perk, Hunter’s Trance, which reads: “Increased journal dimension. Grants increased facing, reload plug, and weapon fluctuate basically basically based on the selection of stacks of Paracausal Payment.” That a ramification of bonuses, so that you just are going to positively desire to complete the kills required to utterly liberate it. 

Oh, and whenever you happen to might perchance presumably presumably very successfully be wondering what the full feathers are for: acquire sufficient of these all over a pair of runs and likewise you are going to liberate a swanky exotic ship. Repeat that it seems comparable to it is likely you’ll presumably presumably perchance presumably finest loot the chest and feathers from the Destiny 2 Harbinger quest once per week on every character, that can even resolve how lengthy it takes you to snag the ship. Delighted hunting!

As an inveterate Hearthstone addict, Tim spends most of his time searching for to uncover why all Priest avid gamers are degenerates. The leisure of his day is spent taking part in Destiny 2. Severely, he’s on it handsome now.