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Cry out to the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla NPC who went all in on killing his daughter


Lately I even were spending plenty of time in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla galloping at some level of the east and south east. There are some elegant views spherical Kent and Dover, and it’s tremendous to head to the seaside usually as one more of traipsing throughout the moist fecundity of the extra forested areas in Mercia.

This plot I even were hoovering up a couple of of the side quests (or local mysteries) within the situation that I overlooked earlier, and one among them, even supposing it took all of three minutes to total, the truth is made me chortle. It’s about a sea beast known as Aflanc The Horrid, handiest it’s the truth is potentially the most theatrical strive at filicide ever, and the NPC fervent has my enduring appreciate.

There are many titillating NPCs out and about in Valhalla, from excessive enterprise quests worship the three pagan witch sisters from King Lear dotted spherical East Anglia, to the extra whimsical, worship ‘girl living in a sewer annoying snake entrails’, or ‘man who the truth is likes baseball, come what might’. One in all the fun issues about the sport is that you never know if you happen to also can speed into one, and whether or no longer it’ll trip off into quite an fervent side quest.

After I saw these cliffs, to illustrate, I became as soon as worship, “Wow, I wonder if I’m going over there I’ll speed into a execute thriller the set two law enforcement officials, one a gruff depressive and one a non-nonsense working mum, will initiate at odds however forge appreciate and a loving friendship.” Is Broadchurch system too dim for an AC game, and set in Dorset which is past the scope of the Valhalla design? Yes. However composed. It is going to also possess came about.

A screenshot showing Eivor from Assassin's Creed Valhalla on a sandy beach on the south coast, on horseback, looking towards some distant white cliffs (it is not dover though)

Anyway, here’s what came about (spoilers for this explicit quest which I even possess overthought):

Me and my crew (and cat) were sailing merrily down the river when we heard, on the financial institution somewhere between Croindene and Guildford, a girl complaining loudly at her dad (whose determine I even possess forgotten, so I shall dispute to as Dad) for imminently shoving her within the river to drown. And worship, she became as soon as angry about it, however sounded mostly enraged; her tone became as soon as about appropriate for if he’d forgotten to protect the rooster out of the freezer within the morning so now they couldn’t possess the rooster for dinner and he or she’d been the truth is having a success upon forward to the rooster.

So obviously I hopped off the ship to examine. Griseld, the young girl in quiz, became as soon as being sacrificed in consequence of their farm became as soon as allegedly being flooded by a satanic beast named Aflanc The Horrid. Griseld became as soon as intended to assuage Aflanc, who without a doubt existed in consequence of some dude named Godfrey acknowledged so.

So obviously I went for a swim and found that there wasn’t a monster, correct a shipwreck that as soon as quickly belched out bubbles and flotsam. Griseld became as soon as peeved by this data, and Dad became as soon as worship, “Woah, no system, however there fully is a monster even supposing?” And then Godfrey ran up and acknowledged he’d namely advised Dad there wasn’t a monster, and Dad had correct been having a success upon for an excuse to execute Griseld in consequence of she pissed off him by, to illustrate, asserting he drank too unprecedented and calling him a layabout. Griseld replied by kicking Dad out.

A man named Godfrey stands next to Griseld, and explains that Griseld's father said that she plagues him 'day and night', complaining about his drinking and calling him a layabout.

So my ideas were, roughly in converse, as follows:

  • Oh my god, what a champion of males. What an absolute hero. To turn out to be so incensed at what’s, at simplest, a petty annoyance, that you get a staunch belief in a huge monster as a motive to crash her. Good Dilapidated Testomony vitality.
  • The theatrics of all of it. He covered the riverbank in petals to absorb his execute. Why move to such lengths? Given the historical context he also can clearly possess correct killed her and acknowledged a bandit did it. Or correct pushed her in and acknowledged it became as soon as an accident. Or, the truth is, correct killed her and no longer bothered to truly disguise it.
  • Love, in The Witcher 3 every village you move to has a ghost that they dispute has been haunting their extinct apple orchard for a entire bunch of years, when even potentially the most cursory investigation finds it is miles the ghost of a teenage girl who went lacking three weeks within the past, and whose blood is composed visible on the ground. Dad also can potentially possess correct kicked some ineffective leaves over Griseld’s body and, if any individual even bothered to quiz, acknowledged “the bitch had it coming, she known as me a ‘layabout’.”
  • Who is Godfrey?? His relationship to any social gathering here is now not any longer explained.
  • Moreover what the hell, Godfrey, why are you handiest turning up correct now, after I even possess already solved the subject? It’s no longer worship this became as soon as being performed secretly. This possible execute is an match. There is a small crowd. What else were you doing that became as soon as so crucial, Godfrey? Were you hiding within the bushes to wait on for potentially the most narratively dramatic moment to end and indicate Dad’s homely secret?
  • Griseld is de facto chilled out about this total element and I appreciate her for it however I am moreover shy.
  • However seriously this man has long gone to so unprecedented effort to drown his daughter. He has pretended to fervently possess there is a nasty monster living within the river, for an undisclosed quantity of time. He potentially has a reputation.
  • Imagine him painstakingly collecting after which scattering the final petals in each set.
  • He is clearly no longer a layabout.
  • I am on his side tbqh.

Sadly I didn’t arrange to snap a screenshot of Dad, however he, his nondescript robe and his balding head, are without end with me. If there might be any justice within the area this would presumably perchance also kickstart a huge questline the set I will set up Dad, kicked out of his daughter’s dwelling, as a king somewhere. He’s the ruler that Valhalla’s nervous times want: ready to originate the inviting, and wildly out of all share choices.

What I’m asserting is that many of the side quests in Valhalla are fully nonsensical, and I worship them the final extra for it.