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Can Scarlet Witch and Imaginative and prescient have faith youngsters?


Younger married couples can rarely secure by with out an older relative asking when they’re going to have faith youngsters. And likewise you would possibly well’t invent WandaVision with out comics fans asking whether or no longer they’re going to have faith youngsters, simply admire within the comics.

But “Attain the Scarlet Witch and the Imaginative and prescient have faith youngsters?” is a extra complex matter than you would possibly well also say, and the solutions are “Sure,” “No, they died,” and “Sure, they’re teenage superheroes now” concurrently. Let’s unpack this.

[Ed. note: If you want to go into WandaVision without knowing anything about the show, skip this post. There are some comics details that might be considered spoilers, and spoilers for the series’ second episode.]

Courtesy of Wonder Studios

Within the 2d episode of WandaVision ends with a shock and a colossal tease: Wanda’s sudden-onset being pregnant. But honestly, it’s no longer more bizarre than Wanda or Imaginative and prescient’s powers — or that they look to be trapped in a world that’s stuttering ahead via a brand new decade of sitcom history on daily foundation.

Within the comics, Wanda and the Imaginative and prescient arrangement have faith youngsters. Famously so, you would possibly well also bid. And while we are in a position to’t bid whether or no longer it’ll turn out admire this within the prove, right here’s the comic e book background that the makers of WandaVision will likely be pulling from.

Billy and Tommy’s Pleasant Adventure

In Wonder comic continuity, the Scarlet Witch and Imaginative and prescient have faith twin boys: Billy Kaplan and Tommy Shepherd. Billy, who goes by Wiccan (or Asgardian, or Demiurge) inherited the Scarlet Witch’s magical, truth warping powers. Tommy, who goes by Bustle, took after Wanda’s possess twin brother Pietro/Quicksilver. He’s very like a flash, you overview.

You are going to be questioning why Billy and Tommy have faith just a few last names, and why neither of these last names are Wanda’s. It’s because they’re in actuality the reincarnations of the Scarlet Witch and Imaginative and prescient’s ineffective twins, unknowingly raised by two just a few devices of entirely favorite initiating of us.

The Scarlet Witch and the Imaginative and prescient received married in 1975’s Avengers #4, and in 1986’s The Imaginative and prescient and the Scarlet Witch, the two had a pair of twin boys, Billy and Tommy. How does a robot father children? Properly, you don’t want to misfortune about biological logistics when your wife is a witch who can use her powers to expose magical vitality into real dwell babies.

But comics are no longer form to couples who want to contend with with gradual legend barriers admire “who’s taking care of the children while we fight depraved guys” and “given the tenuous nature of time in superhero comics, how primitive are these babies anyway?” In 1989’s Avengers West Hover #52, it was as soon as revealed that the babies had been produced from hell vitality, and Mephisto wished it help. The supreme devil of Wonder comics unmade the Wanda and Imaginative and prescient’s babies, they usually had been childless (and divorced, for unrelated causes) as soon as extra.

Wiccan and Speed, the reincarnated infant sons of the Scarlet Witch and Vision, on the cover of Young Avengers Presents #3, Marvel Comics (2008). They both wear skintight costumes. Wiccan accessorizes with a headband and tattered red cloak, while Speed wears goggles with yellow lenses and his hair is completely white.

Wiccan (left) and Bustle.
Say: Jim Cheung, John Dell, Justin Ponsor/Wonder Comics

Within the 2000s, Billy and Tommy had been re-offered as teenage superheroes and recruited into the Younger Avengers team. Over a series of adventures they chanced on that Mephisto hadn’t been entirely pleasant in reabsorbing the souls of exiguous one Billy and Tommy. These souls had been reincarnated, because the sons of entirely favorite folk Jeff and Rebecca Kaplan and Frank and Mary Shepherd, respectively.

Though they had just a few moms and dads, and grew up in entirely just a few families, Billy and Tommy regarded precisely admire one but every other and had been twins. And the Scarlet Witch was as soon as their mom, and the Imaginative and prescient was as soon as their dad.

Is WandaVision going to make use of extra special of this?

Perhaps no longer, and that’s true. Per chance Wanda and Imaginative and prescient can have faith twin babies with superpowers. Per chance they’ll have faith twin babies who’re not at as soon as revealed to be a colossal magical trick. Per chance they’ll simply have faith favorite twin babies (despite the undeniable truth that that is so mundane that it seems admire the least likely occasion).

All we are in a position to claim proper now would possibly well be that Wanda positively seems pregnant, and there are many just a few comic e book parts that the makers of WandaVision can also pull from to invent that as irregular as likely.