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Balan Wonderworld will unlock a co-op demo next week

Sparkling and colourful platformer Balan Wonderworld isn’t too a ways away from its March unlock date now however you would possibly possibly well well additionally strive it out next week if you happen to’re eager. Square Enix delight in announced that you just would possibly possibly well well additionally hop in and gives it a flow on January 28th. It is most likely you’ll possibly well be ready to even strive out the native co-op bits if you happen to’re planning to play alongside with a buddy when it launches.

From its long-established announcement trailer unprejudiced correct below, Balan Wonderworld obvious does look for delight in a classic mascot platformer ’em up. Your two heroes Leo and Emma will bag a ton of different outfits to provide them special puzzle-y talents as they flee and jump and bag animated, gold treasures alongside every zone. There seem like some lovely big boss fights alongside the formulation too.

“The atmosphere for this fable is the stunning, imaginary land of Wonderworld; a blueprint the build other folk’s overjoyed and particular memories mix with their wired worries and negativity,” Square Enix affirm. “Leo and Emma are led into Wonderworld by the enigmatic maestro Balan and activate on a lag to search out what is most critical to them.”

As for that demo, Square Enix affirm you’ll be ready to search out it on Steam on January 28th. Multiplayer is native co-op completely, thoughts, so it looks delight in the form of breezy fun you is at risk of be sharing with your young other folk or a younger sibling.

Balan Wonderworld will open on March 26th, also on Steam.