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Apex Legends sends its Season 8 birth trailer out with a bang

Apex Legends has pulled the pin on subsequent month’s contemporary season with an explosive contemporary birth trailer.

Respawn’s battle royale enters its eighth season, Mayhem, subsequent month. With it comes contemporary hero Fuse, an Aussie punk with a slick moustache and a deep cherish for golden hand grenades—and while we’re composed no clearer on how he’ll play in motion, it appears probably (as leaks suggested) that his ultimate shall be a staunch ragged common rocket launcher. What the rapid does perform is handily field the desk for the carnage preceding the next season of the Apex Video games. 

We’re going support to King’s Canyon, giving the sport’s debut blueprint yet every other makeover. This time, it comes courtesy of Fuse’s ragged friend Maggie, crashing his welcome party by doing an correct number on the arena—pummelling it with cannons, blowing up a mountain, and then crashing half a bloody spaceship into it for staunch measure. You would per chance per chance per chance dangle Michael Bay had a hand in directing the rapid with all these explosions.

Alongside a brand contemporary hero and a remixed blueprint, Season 8 also comes with the sport’s first lever-motion rifle, the 30-30 Repeater. A brand contemporary season design a brand contemporary ranked season, plus dozens of contemporary cosmetics to release with a new contemporary battle scoot, the contents of which we’ll gape nearer to the season’s birth up.

All of that arrives alongside Fuse, the 30-30 and King’s Canyon’s obliterated contemporary gaze when Season 8: Mayhem lastly kicks off on February 2.