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Apex Legends season 8 introduces a novel personality subsequent month

Apex Legends’ eighth season, Mayhem, will traipse are residing on Feb. 2, and this can even characteristic the debut of the war royale sport’s 16th Tale: Fuse, developer Respawn Entertainment launched Monday.

Respawn launched Apex Legends avid gamers to Fuse with a novel Tales from the Outlands short on Monday. The four-minute video tells the account of Fuse’s treasure affair with explosives, which dates aid to a childhood episode wherein he and his finest pal uncovered “a bloody enticing grenade” that after belonged to the freedom warring parties on their dwelling planet, Salvo. Fuse and his pal traipse on every make of adventures collectively — to the tune of an ’80s hair steel-esque song — but their relationship begins to shatter when the Australian-accented macho man enters fight in Salvo’s combating pits.

Salvo in the end joins the community of Syndicate planets, much to the concern of Fuse’s pal, who grew up revering the aforementioned freedom warring parties. Staunch then, Fuse walks up and publicizes that he’s leaving Salvo for the Apex Games. He proposes a truce, but she’s frustrated and offended — and begins a fight. At the tip of their tussle, Chekov’s grenade goes off, and Fuse awakens to acquire his correct arm blown off.

Files miners have beforehand uncovered recordsdata that suggest Fuse has a tactical skill called Airburst Grenade, wherein he can use a launcher on his mechanical correct arm to fireplace a grenade, and an final skill known as The Motherlode, which permits him to use a cannon on his aid to open a missile that leaves flames in its wake. There’s no recordsdata but on his passive skill.

Season 8 will near two days sooner than Apex Legends’ second anniversary. To boot to introducing Fuse, Mayhem will commerce up the study and indubitably feel of the game’s initial scheme, Kings Canyon, for the third time. Finally, season 8 will bring a novel weapon to Apex’s arsenal, a lever-action rifle called the 30-30 Repeater.

Apex Legends is readily in the market on PlayStation 4, Dwelling windows PC, and Xbox One. A Nintendo Swap model also will be in the works, with a release now scheduled for sometime this twelve months.