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Apex Legends’ original hero is Fuse, an Aussie hothead with a killer moustache

A original hero is coming to Apex Legends subsequent month—launched with a brand original Stories From The Outland trailer at the present time, the 16th Sage is Fuse. An outback punk from Planet Angry Max, Fuse is decided to in the kill lift the game’s lacklustre fashioned of facial hair.

The above immediate is terribly confusing, nevertheless follows Fuse and his unnamed buddy as they grow up on the lean, mean, desaturated streets of Salvo, a world wracked by wars and gangs. Discovering a golden grenade on some wretched sod’s corpse, a montage follows the pair exchanging jabs at every diversified for possession of the high-designate explosive—except, on learning Fuse plans to ditch the planet for a shot at the Apex Video games, his buddy pulls the pin.

Respawn will possible dripfeed extra on how Fuse genuinely performs in the arriving weeks. As noticed by Polygon, alternatively, records-miners appear to discover uncovered his active and supreme abilities. The damaged-down, reportedly known as Airburst Grenade, sees him start an explosive the employ of his robotic arm, while his final is a flame-gushing warhead known as The Motherlode.

Fuse just is not the one thing arriving in Apex Legends’ on February 8th. Season 8: Mayhem also introduces a brand original lever-traipse rifle, the 30-30 repeater, and is as soon as extra location to remix the game’s first scheme with an Obliterated Kings Canyon. C’mon, of us—I’m mute getting feeble to the closing time you blew up the scheme.