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Apex Legends’ Mayhem delivery trailer exhibits off Fuse, the sport’s most modern Tale

Apex Legends’ season 8 is named Mayhem, and if the starting up trailer for it’s any indication, it received’t dangle any bother residing up to the title. The trailer, which developer Respawn Leisure published Thursday, gave us a look at the arrival of explosives professional Fuse, the Apex Games’ most modern Tale.

In the trailer, Fuse is making his immense entrance to the games by web web hosting a large birthday party in Kings Canyon. He flies an enormous ship up to the island with song and fireworks, as hundreds of admirers explore from the personnel. But ethical as the birthday party is getting started, a mysterious issue comes over the intercom of Fuse’s ship to utter that it’s inserting an pause to the birthday party, and starts firing the ship’s cannons into the personnel.

After a few moments of chaos, Fuse destroys his possess ship’s weapons and saves the personnel. Nonetheless, the mysterious issue has other plans, and destroys the mountains of Kings Canyon and crashes Fuse’s ship into the island at the identical time.

All this destruction appears to be like to high-tail away a tall a part of the island in ruins, which would possibly additionally fair be where we discover it subsequent season. But in account for to clutch for sure what adjustments are coming to Apex Legends and its maps, we’ll want to await Respawn to utter extra crucial factors about season 8 within the shut to future.

Apex Legends season 8, Mayhem, is made up our minds to begin on Feb. 4.