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AMD reunites Raja Koduri with his toddler: an RX 6800 graphics card


Raja Koduri at AMD event

(Describe credit: AMD)

Intel’s chief architect, Raja Koduri, the man accountable of gearing up Intel’s discrete graphics tag with Xe, merely bought a ‘surprise’ AMD RX 6800 graphics card in the publish from his ex-employer.

Koduri left his prime situation at the Radeon Abilities Community back in 2017, following a short sabbatical from the role in the days following Vega’s open. It modified into as soon as always mentioned that the Navi structure (before we knew it as RDNA) modified into as soon as Koduri’s pet mission, so per chance it’s absolute most real looking becoming that the now-Intel GPU engineer would win an RDNA 2 card in the mail.

‘Surprise’ kit arrived from Toronto at the moment! Thank you @radeon 15, 2021

The RX 6800 is a sexy darn large instance of what second-gen Navi can enact, too, despite the truth that it’s additionally arrive on leaps and bounds since the foremost technology and the RX 5000-series.

GPU architectures expend years to manufacture, and engineers are now and again engaged on initiatives some distance forward of what the general public are running on, and even possess files of. Capture the Infinity Cache within the most recent RDNA 2 graphics playing cards, as an illustration. Throughout an AMD engineering roundtable forward of open closing year, Sam Naffziger, product technology architect, explains that this ‘recent’ innovation had been in the works at RTG for at the least three years before we ever caught whiff of it. 

You need absolute most real looking seek to the extensive checklist of public patents that anyone of these GPU companies file week after week to collect some working out of that direction of. A quantity of which assemble now not search for the sunshine of day for years.

As for Koduri, he’s engaged on a recount competitor to AMD’s graphics playing cards in DG2: the gaming graphics card built out of the Intel Xe structure that’s mentioned to embody a 512 EU GPU. That’s beautiful friggin’ mountainous by Xe requirements at the moment, with the iGPU internal Tiger Lake maxing out at 96 EUs.

In other files, we merely despatched off our RX 6800 pattern back to AMD and it it appears to be got ‘misplaced in the publish’ for a moment there. Coincidence? There is no such thing…

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